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Mars 16 November 2017 12:59

Franken should be ostracized and investigated the same as anyone else. Comedians don't need to be protected any more than anyone else should. Bunch of idiots who feel they have a free-pass to say or do whatever they want in the name of comedy!

Chimo 16 November 2017 13:03

Franken can't deny it with photo evidence. Although Im sure he will spin the shit out of it somehow. But shouldn't the other senators be calling for his resignation? Hmmmm

KS11 16 November 2017 13:07

Franken needs to have his ass whipped, but she'd be slightly more credible if she didn't equate hover-hands over body armor with "grabbing breasts."

Sharky 16 November 2017 14:20

Looks like Schumer is already turning on Franken. Now watch Schumer be the next to fall....hahahahahaha

Mars 16 November 2017 14:22


Originally Posted by Sharky (Post 1058685274)
Looks like Schumer is already turning on Franken. Now watch Schumer be the next to fall....hahahahahaha

I wish I could sell tickets to this show....:biggrin:

billdawg 16 November 2017 14:37

The sad thing is, there will still be WJC, Uncle Joe Biden, and Al Franken, supporters, because, "While what they did was wrong, they do so much for women and their causes, blah, blah, blah....."

Guy 16 November 2017 14:48


Originally Posted by Look. Don'tTouch. (Post 1058685198)
Guy just can't keep his hands, or his face and nose and mouth, to himself. For all the compilation videos out there of him as well as pictures, nothing beats this a la carte motherlode of Biden the creeper:

That is seriously creepy and disturbing too watch!:mad:

DirtyDog0311 16 November 2017 14:53

Hahahaha. Rats in a bucket.

B 2/75 16 November 2017 15:00


Originally Posted by DirtyDog0311 (Post 1058685282)
Hahahaha. Rats in a bucket.

That's hopefully half-filled with water; let the rats drown.

Box 16 November 2017 15:16

Schumer must be emotionally crushed that he has to pretend to be angry at Franken...

ramzmedic 16 November 2017 15:32


Originally Posted by ARCHANGELRANGER (Post 1058685265)
This photo enrages me. Leeann Tweeden is the sweetest lady ever!

Ok, Franken has already started his passive aggressive bullshit. What a total fuck. "Too smart by half" as they say! :mad:

Franken apologizes, calls for ethics investigation into his actions

MakoZeroSix 16 November 2017 15:41

Wow, and now Sylvester Stallone too. We might wind up with a South Africa style sexual "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" by the time all is said and done.

I'm pleased that the scumbags are getting their comeuppance, but this has the potential of ensnaring everybody who has ever had a debased sexual encounter in the past 40 years...

Guy 16 November 2017 15:47

Do as I say;
Not as I do!

Congress owes taxpayers answers about its harassment 'shush' fund

Box 16 November 2017 15:54

silly peasants...
...politicians are protected by the department of just-us

DirtyDog0311 16 November 2017 16:00


Originally Posted by Guy (Post 1058685296)
Not as I do!

Congress owes taxpayers answers about its harassment 'shush' fund

That is, almost LITERALLY, what Weinstein had to shut up his accusers as well. Use the 'corporation' (in this case the USA) you are a CEO of (Gov Officials) to use corporate funds (Taxpayer money) for payouts to shut people up. Good lord. :rolleyes:

And wasn't Stallone a porn star? Or was that an Urban Legend?

bobmueller 16 November 2017 16:14

Can we start a "Dead Pool" kind of thing for who's going to be next?

DirtyDog0311 16 November 2017 16:20


"The Lady doth protest too much, methinks".

And that photo of Franken is sooooo lame to wrap up in this mess. I mean, yeah, fuck Franken and all......but this is getting to a point where it's like "look omg there's a man talking about boobs and isn't a neutered soyboy lowT numale! aren't you outraged??". Cmon. But by all means, burn Franken to the ground. Don't let anything like this stop a good ol fashioned gutting of the Democrat party.

Fubar 16 November 2017 16:22


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 1058685223)

The constant hyperbolic ranting and raging is fucking old, stale and boring.

+1 We've lost a lot of good members who are tired of the right wing echo chamber. I don't necessarily agree with their POV, but I do like to hear it and debate.

GPC 16 November 2017 16:26


Originally Posted by bobmueller (Post 1058685300)
Can we start a "Dead Pool" kind of thing for who's going to be next?

Ron Jeremy?:biggrin::tongue:

KillRoy 16 November 2017 16:41


Originally Posted by GPC (Post 1058685304)
Ron Jeremy?:biggrin::tongue:

DING! DING! DING! We have a winner ...

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