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wildman43 20 June 2018 01:30

Police say no deal on California
California is putting LEO's in danger if this passes

Police say no deal on California bill to restrict their use of force
June 19, 2018 11:12 AM
Updated 6 hours 7 minutes ago
Law enforcement organizations are unlikely to compromise with advocates of a proposal this session to restrict the circumstances under which police officers could use deadly force.

Their staunch opposition significantly diminishes the prospects for Assembly Bill 931, which would increase the state standard for lethal use of force from "reasonable" to "necessary," to become law. Though the measure on Tuesday passed its first policy committee, it faces a lengthy and complicated path ahead in a Legislature historically hesitant to cross law enforcement.

At the Senate Public Safety Committee hearing, representatives for rank-and-file police and their management said their objections to the proposed change on use of force could not be resolved by an offer to provide funding to retrain officers.

"We agree that more training can result in better outcomes, but there is a fundamental disagreement about raising the standard above what the Supreme Court has said," Jonathan Feldman, a lobbyist for the California Police Chiefs Association, told The Bee.

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nofear 20 June 2018 02:00

Wow. What a ludicrously slippery slope that is. And I have to laugh at the "increase in training". In my experience, it would be a powerpoint presentation telling Police that they are horrible people, and this change would benefit the community, with zero actual "training".

EchoFiveMike 23 June 2018 03:37

It's similar to Chicago, and I suspect most major urban areas, they're de facto foreign colonies. As such, the populations do not want to be "policed" by what are essentially alien legacies of the displaced, formerly dominant culture/population.

This is just lawfare to make things difficult for that legacy police force, as a method of getting rid of it. S/F....Ken M

Tracy 23 June 2018 07:48


Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike (Post 1058732409)
...This is just lawfare to make things difficult for that legacy police force, as a method of getting rid of it. S/F....Ken M

I agree.

CAVmedic 15 July 2018 18:34

May as well just train police to run, hide, fight.

ramzmedic 15 July 2018 19:33

Horrible law. Maybe CA LEO can just use rape whistles or throw insults at perps. :rolleyes:

Oh wait. Both are probably illegal in California. :cool:

Group9 16 July 2018 08:21

Maye a course on using really stern words to gain compliance over subjects using deadly force.

Mars 16 July 2018 08:46

I wonder who would decide what "necessary" means in lethal force encounters since the overwhelming majority of jurors have never even been close to having one.

Simply a way to let the bad guys do what they want with impunity again....

Massgrunt 16 July 2018 09:34

Runs directly contrary to Graham vs Connor.

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