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DropJ4 8 June 2017 16:04

Re-certification AEMT for PSS
Please move if in wrong location.

Question - How do you re-cert your AEMT while doing contract work when in order to re-cert you must have affiliation with an EMS service? Of course you can re-cert as inactive, but I am sure the companies need to see that as "active".


Jong 8 June 2017 17:15

You should ask your company. Most companies have this taken care of now.

DropJ4 8 June 2017 17:25

Thank you.

O_Pos 9 June 2017 21:05

Second what Jong said.

For renewal, the employing EMS agency is your company (as long as you have a med director) and if not, put the client if US gov and find one of their docs to sign-off. Using the paper-based NREMT renewal option is easiest for these purposes.

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