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Medic09 26 July 2017 14:01

PBY Catalina For Sale
Cool video tour of aircraft for sale. Some pretty cool old weapons, radar, and radio equipment.

X18BSOCAL 26 July 2017 22:05

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Have always had a small fascination with the Catalina. I believe it was an RAF Catalina that spotted the Bismarck and a USN Catalina that spotted the Japanese fleet headed for Midway Island. Had a relative who flew an all black PBY over the Pacific at night during WWII looking for Japanese ships and surfaced submarines.

About 20 years ago I was watching a large fire in the hills near where I live in southern California. From out of nowhere came a PBY heading directly for the fire. It was flying low and slow and went directly over the flames and dropped water. Seeing that old plane was really a sight to behold.

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