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leopardprey 16 December 2014 21:06

1911 discussion
Who here is a 1911 fan and why? What manufacturer/models do you prefer and why? Carry for a CCW and why?


AZ5326 16 December 2014 21:37

I'm a fan, but it's not my primary "go-to" pistol. I have a couple, and even my Wilson Combat CQB isn't 100 percent reliable, especially if I go for more than 500 or so rounds without changing out the recoil spring.

It caries well even if it's a tad heavy. The single stack frame is slim enough to conceal well especially with an inside the waistband holster.

Pros: superb trigger pull. Nice big fat chunk of lead heading downrange. The ideal manual safety placement, created the standard'
Cons: Not as reliable as some more modern designs (I'm thinking "Glock" here). More finicky when dirty, not much tolerance for dirt in the action.

It has some serious history behind it. Every gun guy should own one.

Xdeth 16 December 2014 21:55

Top reasons to love the 911; mods! It's the Chevy small block of pistols with unlimited customizations, parts, makers, and build know how. History, it has it. It can be at lethal as hell and a real nail driver at the same time. Looks great, feels great, what's not to like. I like the genuine Colt out of the box then replace the pieces, which is most of it usually. I like looking at the blued Colt skeleton, guess I'm a snob wanting the brand.

When I did carry I carried a Glock but I never loved it like the Colts I had, reasons weight size and capacity along within 9mm being good enough for street carry.

Whitebean54 16 December 2014 22:13

First pistol I ever bought was a Rock Island 1911. Still like it but carry a Glock more than anything.

bigsapper 16 December 2014 22:21

Fan. Ergonomics and slim profile.

I carry a Colt Gunsite CCO. Never had a hiccup but I've only fired about 500 rounds.

Had a fullsize Colt 70 done up by Yost-Bonitz that was a thing of beauty. Sold it tho. Also had a Colt New Agent that had a few tweaks from the Custom Shop. Both were great carry guns but I just prefer the CCO form factor.

Tried a Glock once upon a time but just didn't like it.

10thvet 16 December 2014 22:45

I have a Springfield Armory-Fully loaded 1911 I love it but sometimes it can be finicky when it comes to feeding reloaded or cheap ammo. I have about a 1000 rounds thru it and still discovering the weapon and making it mine. I love the .45 and the large holes it makes in paper. I use it when I shoot IDPA so I can see the holes it makes :) My son and IDPA shooting partner calls my 1911 the pretty girl at a party that won't drink BPR.

I do not have a problem shooting my 1911 dirty but dry is another story. Prior to one IDPA contest, I went to a indoor range and put 200 rounds thru it. I put a drop or two of oil on the slide and then went to shoot IDPa and put another 120ish rounds thru it. No issues other than the reloaded ammo not feeding and a cheap magazine that is now my Barney mag.

I don't carry CCW but would have not have a problem with doing it with my 1911. I would need an IWB holster since it is a bulky weapon and although I do have an ever increasing waistline, I am not a large person.

I bought a 1911 simply because I always wanted one since all my military heroes always carried one

The Fat Guy 16 December 2014 23:04

I am primarily a Kimber fan, but I also have an Ed Brown Kobra Karry. I CCW several of the Kimbers, my favorite is my Ultra Super Carry.

havok88 16 December 2014 23:29

I have a coule kimbers myself, and love them both. The 1911 frame is very comfortable in my hands and the crisp trigger is second to none. I dont use it for ccw because the sharp edge of the mainspring housing rubs on me and can be quite uncomfortable. Im also not a big fan of thumb safeties.

leopardprey 17 December 2014 04:55

Thought this was pretty awesome.

The Fat Guy 17 December 2014 06:17

I guess we have come a long way.... In some ways.

leopardprey 17 December 2014 06:32

Our techniques are definitely different now. But, in many ways, what they did and trained for then seemed to work. Seems like back then, besides the emphasis on shooting one handed, dropping and shooting from the prone - there also was a big emphasis on just point and shoot/reflex shooting.

Watching this video, did give me an idea. With all the high speed "operator" tactical shooting courses going on - maybe I should advertise a "Old school" shooting/training course. ;)

"Learn how to shoot a 1911 like the Greatest Generation did, when men where hard and going into harm's way".

I still have my Father's 1911 USMC leather holster he wore back in the early 1950s. Will have to strap it on and go practice "old school" at the range here within the next week or so, for the fun of it. Take Dad out and let him do it also, he will enjoy that.

AustinPT 17 December 2014 06:44

I shoot a semi-custom built Fusion Scout for IDPA, and have a first generation Kimber CDP and second gen Kimber Ultra that I carry on occasion. I found that reliability improved significantly when I started using a case gauge with my handloads. I usually find 3 or 4 pieces of brass out of 100 that are out of spec and get tossed. Wondering if the new Springfield XD-S 4 inch might become the ultimate compromise - 1911 slimness, plastic gun reliability?

GPC 17 December 2014 08:46

My first handgun was a Colt Combat Elite I bought on Guam.Put just shy of 10k through it no problems.At the time 1991 my battalion was still using 1911s.

On return from Iraq treated myself to a Wilson CQB which has had Glock like reliability. I also have a Protector and a SA Operator Champion.
I carry my Wilson's IWB in a CB Supertuck I tend to carry 1911s more in fall/winter.

tooslow 17 December 2014 08:56

I started out with a S&W 1917 in .45 ACP.
I switched to a Taurus 6" .357; it stretched!
I traded up for a S&W 686; terrific.
I won a 1911 in a completion and had it built up,
by a custom gunsmith, for IPSC.
With Hogue grips, that gun is an extension of my arm/hand; simply perfect. The only other gun that I've used that felt as natural as the 1911 was the H&K .45 Tactical; another natural pointer, in my hand.
The years are taking their toll, and I'm having difficulty CCW'ing the 1911.
I see that it is time to switch to something lighter, to carry, but I'll ne'er part with the 1911.

dbuck1031 17 December 2014 10:37

Kimber SIS Custom, Kimber Super Carry Ultra, Kimber Pro Shadow II (368 of 500), Kimber Covert Ultra, Kimber Tactical II, Wilson Combat CQB, Ed Brown Kobra Karry, Ed Brown Kobra, Dan Wesson ECO, Dan Wesson Valor, Coonan Cadet, Coonan Classic.

So I guess you could call me a "fan". Out of these, the Dan Wesson's, have never had any issue, at all, period. The Kimber Pro Shadow II has been the most reliable out of my Kimber's. The rest have had anywhere from minor issues to outright failures of some kind or another, but have all been resolved.

I carry an M&P9, due to the fact that it holds more ammo, is a bit lighter, and will not be missed if taken into evidence if it does have to be used.

I used to carry my DW ECO, and Kimber Super Carry Ultra, until it was brought to my attention that if used in a SD situation, the pistol will be confiscated and held until no-billed, or indefinitely if that had an impact on my way of thinking. Also, when asking a local LEO, I was informed the weapons are not cared for at all, and even if/when you get your weapon back, it could be in pretty rough shape when returned.

275RLTW 17 December 2014 11:10

Les Baer. Better accuracy than any other 1911 (1.5 in at 50 yds guaranteed) and less money than other comparable ones. I've never had a malfunction with factory ammo with any Les Baer.

dbuck1031 17 December 2014 11:25

Any quality 1911 ($1500+ range) should get you to 1.5 inch groups at 50 yds. All mine can achieve that, we shoot 4 inch clay pigeons at 50 yards off hand with my pistols. Most accurate? S&W M&P CORE .40 with Trijicon RMR 6.5, nails them every single time, feels like your cheating.

Please don't get me wrong, Les Baer does make a fine pistol, but, when I read this:

Les Baer Custom, Inc. has elected not to provide any written warranty, either “limited” or “full”

I decided to go with other makers. It kind of makes me question the "guaranteed 1.5 inches at 50 yds" claim when they can't offer me a written warranty. Makes the "guarantee" kind of worthless. Also, how can they guarantee the accuracy of their product if they do not know my shooting techniques? So, if I buy their pistol, with their guarantee, and no warranty, when I cannot achieve the 1.5 inches at 50 yards, due to my lack of shooting ability, they can tell me to pound sand.

As for the customization of the 1911 platform, my wife says my 1911's are my "paper dolls", with as many grips, triggers, main spring housing, safeties, etc. that have been at one time or another changed out.

Also, forgot to add the Springfield EMP in 9mm, probably one of the best 1911's I have owned in both carry, accuracy, reliability, and fit/finish. That one was "borrowed" by the lady of the house and not been returned, and she is not a 1911 "fan".

Dark Helmet 17 December 2014 11:34


Originally Posted by dbuck1031 (Post 1058442787)
Les Baer does make a fine pistol, but, when I read this:

Les Baer Custom, Inc. has elected not to provide any written warranty, either “limited” or “full”

I decided to go with other makers.

Don't believe everything you read:

Dark Helmet 17 December 2014 11:38


Originally Posted by dbuck1031 (Post 1058442787)
Any quality 1911 ($1500+ range) should get you to 1.5 inch groups at 50 yds.

I do not want to start an argument here, but the key word here is "should". Fewer can than cannot.

dbuck1031 17 December 2014 11:46

If that is indeed the case, my Christmas list just changed and got a LOT shorter.....I've looked at them before, but the implication of the "No Warranty" always made me pause and reconsider.

Thanks for the clarification on that. I'll post pics if Santa says "ok".

And yes, that was why I used "should", no argument needed....I agree totally with that.

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