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JJones 18 August 2017 14:49

Injury prevention at BUD/S.
Hello all. Thank you again for allowing me on this site. I've spent a lot of time reading through this site and based on what I've been told by many BTDT and some notable individuals that work in sport, I have a question I haven't been able to find the answer to.

Most BTDT tell us to run a lot, swim a lot, get good at cals..basically be very endurance based. I'm not arguing with that at all, and that's basically what I've been doing. However, where does weight training come into play? Obviously we aren't going to be lifting weights in BUD/S, but there will be running with logs and boats. I worry about injuries (especially joint injuries) as that's something you can't control when at BUD/S (besides stretching, ice, foam rolling, etc.) Is weight training not the optimal way to be injury resistant? Your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons all strengthen, which makes your joints stronger and more resilient. Am I missing something here? Because I've been told just to run a ton before BUD/S to help with injury resistance since that's what you do at BUD/S.

Thank you for your time and I apologize if I put this in the wrong section.

Frog 18 August 2017 17:17

You have to balance everything and each person is different. While good upper body strength is required for the O course and rope climbs, you HAVE to make the run and swim times. Probably the best person suited for BUD/S is a triathlete. If you can run like the wind and swim like a fish, go ahead and add weight lifting to your training. Just keep in mind it will be the run and swim times that will make or break you.

trident86 18 August 2017 21:32

One of the best resources out there:

JJones 19 August 2017 13:10

Thank you frog and trident86 for the replies. I will focus more on running and swimming than on weight training. From what I hear, BUD/S is much more performance based now; so couldn't one be dropped for not performing under boats/logs if that were the case?

trident86 20 August 2017 08:07

I believe they've integrated weight training at BUD/S. If you read through the 12 Week Prep, they talk about lighter weights and higher reps. As Frog stated above, you will fail out if you miss too many run/swim/obstacle course times. Think of them as your core exercises, and weight training as enhancing.

leopardprey 12 November 2017 19:30


Originally Posted by trident86 (Post 1058666819)
One of the best resources out there:

Found the chart correlating 3 mile run times with completion of hell week to be pretty telling. There use to be a similar chart for SFAS as well correlating one's 4 mile ruck times with selection completion. Good ways for a prospective candidate to evaluate themselves. Thanks for the link, informative read. Really liked the video on the side stroke.

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