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Frog 21 December 2012 16:10

How we verify UDT/SEALs --Updated 02 Feb 2018
The SEAL database currently lists slightly more than 18,095 men, of whom (as noted above) about 4,000 are currently on active duty. That SEAL database is a product of the Naval Special Warfare Archives, and while it is not “classified”, it is most certainly considered to be “extremely sensitive” information and is not available for general distribution or public dissemination. While the SEAL database does have some information gaps relating to men who served in the very earliest days of WWII, it remains the best and most complete listing of all NSW men in existence. There is no other more complete resource, and it is certainly the best and most accurate method of verifying an authentic, genuine US Navy SEAL. This is the same database that SEALs use for authentication among themselves when they are not known to each other, and it is recognized by the UDT-SEAL Association, the UDT-SEAL Museum, and the US NAVY as the most complete and comprehensive listing of Naval Special Warfare members available.
The SEAL database is thoroughly researched and based on original US Navy records and documentation dating from the present back to the early 1940's. Principal in the compilation of the database are the graduation records for the Navy’s Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training program. As each new class graduates from BUD/S training and the subsequent SQT training course, their names are added to the database.
The SEAL database was created by a private, non-governmental organization (the Naval Special Warfare Archives). It is held in private hands, and has never been subject to any manipulations by the Department of Defense. SEALs who have been removed from the Teams or who have had their SEAL status revoked are listed in the database along with those men whose service is exemplary. Records are never deleted or altered, and they are not subject to any control or censure by Naval authorities. The SEAL database contains the names of those who have successfully completed the BUD/S program and SQT; if a man’s name is not listed in the database, then he did NOT complete SEAL training… and he is not a US Navy SEAL.
It is important to note and it cannot be overstated that it is possible for a man to successfully complete BUD/S training and still NOT be a US Navy SEAL. Although the vast majority of men who complete BUD/S training do, in fact, go on to successfully complete SQT and all of the additional training courses needed to achieve SEAL status, there are a very few men who do not complete all of those programs, and who never become SEALs.

Update: In addition to the Data Base, I have contacts at BUD/S whom I call upon when required. None of the above has changed.

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