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boatguyjim 15 June 2016 10:36

Thanks RedBull

MixedLoad 15 June 2016 11:38

One of the better threads on this board. Stay vigilant, RB.

RedBull 16 June 2016 11:46

Yesterday and still ongoing today clashes within the Western kurdish areas of Iran between Kurdish militias(PDKI) are continuing. The iranians lost a deputy commander for its forces yesterday near Shno and took quite a few WIA(15 not including todays fighting)/KIA(6+ commander),

In response yesterday the Iranian forces shelled a Kurdish village nearby. The PDKI in return called in for reinforcements from around the area and today clashes continue in and around the areas from the previous conflict.

I do not think it will continue long, but if the Iranians continue to shell kurdish villages(the original clashes took place outside of populated areas) in retaliation, they could draw in the other kurdish militias (PAK and Komala) into what is currently minor clashes which would escalate the fighting into the larger kurdish areas. Jaish ul Adal members have voiced support for the kurdish militias, but I do not see the Baloch militias in the SE coordinating as they are still quite fractured and just now regaining from the leadership splits and group fracturing.

Either way the recent clashes this last month between kurdish forces and the Iranian forces is definitely a escalation and will most likely continue to happen more frequently with both sides continuing to send large amounts of forces into the region. Between the kurds your looking at a strength of over 10,000 between all the groups now, with strength as follows- PDKI-Komala-PAK(PAK is gaining ground on force size now, due to new recruits and its open and 1 united kurd political platform and its ability to navigate the current political scheme and its media exposure for fighting Daesh(ISIS) in iraqi kurdistan predominantly the Kirkuk region)

RedBull 16 June 2016 12:33

PJAK & Komala have both moved forces into the area of Rohjalat (iranian kurdistan)PJAK in the NW and Komala further south west where they garner the most support. While its not very openly admitted, it looks like the groups are coordinating currently atleast with movements. If they aren't its just dumbluck that the groups all decided to send out forces to populated areas all at once.

RedBull 17 June 2016 11:01

Clashes again today with some near the piransha area (rudaw English is reporting some of it now) and renewed sporadic clashes near shno area.

There are confirmed KIA on the kurdish side now, although actual numbers are still not being said.(probably a dozen or so)

RedBull 18 June 2016 18:08

Ongoing clashes continuing(yesterday not much happened, the regime shelled some mountain areas, but really were not actually targeting anything important) as of right now, the IRGC is bogged down on the outskirts of Sardasht and was hit near shno again within the last couple hours.

8654maine 18 June 2016 18:41

RedBull, this is the most informative thread here.

Thanks and stay safe.

RedBull 19 June 2016 06:47

Another day with more clashes. The major cities have yet to experience any fighting, but its looking like it could be possible to see clashes inside of a larger urban area.

Casualty amounts so far (only taking confirmed from each group not what they say they've killed but their own KIA)

Kurd-6 KIA(one recon group essentially wiped out. This started the recent clashes the last 5 days or so)
IRGC-3 soldiers &1 (possibly 2 but conflicting reports on the 2nd from iran) commanders KIA. WIA-13 (The WIA keeps going up & down. But IRGC has confirmed the other deaths.)

RedBull 19 June 2016 17:13

So the link above states Komala is backing the PDKI now. Like I said in a earlier post, if and if the group's align together it could be the start of a full blown conflict.
it's looking like it is going that route. Komala has just said they will physically support the PDKI in the fight. Now the readiness just increased massively. Komala historically draws support from the larger southern Rohjalat areas and quite loyal nationalists. This is the first time since the 80s that these two parties have decided to work together. Rough estimate on forces the two groups are able to draw from-active 5-6,000 inactive+active 7-9,000.

As a side note pdki is split in two parties, I suspect by later this week the Khalid Azizi group (pdki-Hijri is current group escalating conflict) will pull support to the cause.

If the pdki groups (both) & Komala cooperate under a singular military movement your looking at quite a large guerrilla and support force/structure. Also expect PAK to move in as well if the main 3 unite militarily (pdki,pdk-I & komala) while it won't be the end to Iran, the amount of # & support the kurds can pull from will definitely effect the IRGC mission in Syria and if they can hit tehran (which they are capable id doing) could really ruin the fragile Iranian econ.

RedBull 19 June 2016 17:17

As a sidenote, don't expect the kurds to hit civilian areas. They will hit infastructures such as electrical substations, military outposts & training centres, police stations, government buildings (they won't bomb structures in civilian areas but go in and kill occupants tied to the IRGC) expect to see some AA weaponry deployed if it escalates to a full conflict.

Massgrunt 19 June 2016 19:16

I hope we're providing them with covert support but unfortunately we're probably not.

Local 19 June 2016 19:39


Originally Posted by RedBull (Post 1058571099)
As a sidenote, don't expect the kurds to hit civilian areas. They will hit infastructures such as electrical substations, military outposts & training centres, police stations, government buildings (they won't bomb structures in civilian areas but go in and kill occupants tied to the IRGC) expect to see some AA weaponry deployed if it escalates to a full conflict.

This is so much better than

stay safe over there.

Thank you for open sourcing this.

RedBull 19 June 2016 20:41


Originally Posted by Massgrunt (Post 1058571123)
I hope we're providing them with covert support but unfortunately we're probably not.

We are not. Although between the Canadians and Americans we are inadvertently arming them. I say this because Iranian kurds are integrated into frontline units. We as a coalition have given .50cal McMillan, 30mm training and sniper training to these guys (I can gaurantee you the units doing it had no clue about the Iranian background) so in actuality we are arming the revolution. Good job Intel dudes

P.S. the .50cal McMillan you gave a unit is amaxeballs. :) and thos e AT4S you gave them are now in iran :)

RedBull 19 June 2016 20:52

JAISH AL UDAL is now backing kurdish movements. Which pushes them further from the islamic ideology (JAA used to be part of HAI a sectarian hate group)

RedBull 25 November 2016 16:55

There is a new militant group forming within the Iranian Kurd movement. I'll put out info as soon as I get it. But its going to be a purely militant party. Their goals are nationalistic and they are planning on attacking more non Kurd areas, such as Tehran, istafan etc.

Zig 27 November 2016 10:34

RB, not Kurds but, what is your opinion of the MeK? Thanks for all the insight. Stay safe.

RedBull 3 December 2016 13:38


Originally Posted by Zig (Post 1058614234)
RB, not Kurds but, what is your opinion of the MeK? Thanks for all the insight. Stay safe.

MeK really does not have that much support inside of iran any more and the support or sympathizers they do have are very small. They do quite well with lobbying in the EU and in the US though. The Shah & the Jundallah offshoots have more support then MeK inside of Iran.

Personally they are about the only group who I have never met any members from so I don't really have a good personal opinion of them.

What I do find interesting is MeK and their offshoot NCRI claimed of underground nuclear facilities/storage areas in Iran and I've heard from numerous Iranian kurds, as well as non kurds iranians who served in the Iranian military who also claim that Iran has several underground facilities/storage/complex sites and can even point them out on maps. whether they government facilities and or nuclear or not is up for debate though.

RedBull 3 December 2016 18:03

Forgot to mention there is a kurdish nationalist group that is associated(or was) with MeK and islamic ideology that has come back from the dead so to speak. Sazmani Xebat, it was started on islamic ideology and democratic movements(yeah its hard to picture but they are social democracy and support islamic movements without shariah law which is typical of kurdish movements) it was formed in the 70s/80s but lost prominence for awhile. They are now reforming peshmerga to defend/fight against the regime as well.

I am thinking of making a diagram showing the kurdish iranian parties and their connections if anyone is interested I can throw it up on here. There is quite a bit going on now with the rohjelat kurds(iranian kurds-rohjelat means east) The rojava struggle and the struggle within bakur(turkey) and bashur (iraq) kurdistan has reinvigorated a lot of these groups (that and the abundance of western weaponry that has been recaptured and will be repurposed into their struggle has helped) due to consistent media attention on the YPG, KRG, etc etc. While it hasn't materialized yet, the kurdish iranian issue will no doubt grow substantially here soon both intelligence collection wise and within their own struggle, mainly due to the requirement of conscription for iranians into the military(intelligence) and the heightened awareness/militant side of kurds in iran. (while most kurds are not militant in Iran, the sympathizers of the parties is growing amongst the youth due to unfulfilled promises from the iranian government and the continued oppression of kurdish political groups. It is as much tribal as it is a regional struggle now such as the PKK and it is spreading into the larger kurdish cities). Unsure of how large of a file it would be to show a flowchart of the groups but I will post it if you all are interested in knowing party ideologies and leadership goals etc as well as other things.

RedBull 15 December 2016 23:26

I will be throwing up a doc shortly showing u n it strength (active+inactive) as well as leadership and basic info. I am gonna leave out contact information but if for some reason you'd like to speak with one of the Kurdish or baloch groups let me know (the balochs are a 50/50. Kurds I can get 100% for meeting or extra info)

RedBull 20 December 2016 15:48

There was two bombings at the PDKI political office headquarters 30 minutes ago in koyesinjaq. Dozens wounded no word on KIA yet. No info on who initiated the attack as of yet. It was done in a civilian area But it doesn't appear any none pdki have been injured. The attack mirrors the same one that was foiled in 2015 against Komala in which they found the explosives before they went off (Iranian marked military explosives) I'll update when I know more.

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