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37F5V 19 January 2006 11:41

Attention PSYOP and CA
A few of us are trying to gain an appreciation of who here on SOCNET are PSYOP or CA IOT facilitate networking within the community. Doesn't matter if you are AC, RC, Enlisted, Officer, current or former.

Sound off and let us know.

Current 1SG 9th POB (ABN).

Baildog 19 January 2006 11:52

Current RC CA O.

PSYWAR 1-0 19 January 2006 12:35

Ex Active Duty 37F3P00PQ & LA (9th and 1st POB)

B 2/75 19 January 2006 12:45

Current RC CA officer
Ex member of the 96th CA
I've been CA for 14 years :eek:

TPD1280 19 January 2006 12:45

Retired SFC 37F, RC.

PSYOP ROB 19 January 2006 12:54

Former 37F, PSYOP CO CDR, future 37A, stuck at the SCCC at Gordon till June.

txsapper 20 January 2006 12:18

Just got back into RC CA, not MOSQ yet, though

HHC, 321st CA BDE

Metalchica 20 January 2006 13:52

Current RC CA NCO.

CPTAUSRET 20 January 2006 13:57


Originally Posted by Metalchica
Current RC CA NCO.

Good work, BTW welcome aboard.


Metalchica 20 January 2006 13:59

Thank you, Sir.

ilots 20 January 2006 14:42

Former 37F, RC, deployed/served both in the 15th and 16th; even spent some summers w/6/84th instructing.

I laughed to myself at B 2/75's 14yrs in CA comment/reaction, until I realized I spent 12 in PSYOP - suddenly it wasn't funny at all. Actually, I loved/love the units, experiences, the science, and the art.

Respect to those still serving the CA and PSYOP community; it is often thankless, with unseen successes, but of vital importance.

Thanks for having me.

MF 20 January 2006 15:03

Retired RC CA NCO (9+ years)

CATAtonic426 20 January 2006 15:59

RC 38B DEP, 9 days & counting....

Floyd 20 January 2006 19:02

former 38A was reclassed from a 43E/92R when 12th group shut down

theBilldoman 20 January 2006 19:22

RC 37F

Olive Drab 20 January 2006 19:56

current RC 38A

psyopranger 21 January 2006 16:15

37F3V/AD (Arabic)/2S/B4 (not sure how I got this one?)

8th Battalion, 4th POG (BTW, Regional battalions don't hide in the office anymore. At least not in the CENTCOM AOR)

Heading to UA Slot overseas

Scorpio, I like brunettes with small perky brea....TMO Sorry

ODA 564 22 January 2006 14:59

Former JTF PSYDET CDR (JTF PROVEN FORCE / POTF BURNING HAWK) OP DESERT SHIELD / STORM (I was technically a PDC CDR in Co. A, 6th POB for 5 months prior to deployment, but spent the time working on war plan support).

Former CDR, Co. B (Africa), 6th POB.

Former CDR, Co A (PSYOP), 3rd BN, 1st SWTG(A)

Former SO2, Psy-Ops Wing, Defence Intelligence and Security School, Templar Barracks, Ashford, Kent (UK) - okay, for a month!

Former PSYOP doctrine (service and joint) developer, DOTD, USAJFKSWCS

Former Chief, PSYOP Division, DOTD, USAJFKSWCS

POOC (long course); UK Psy-Ops Course; Regional Studies (Africa seminar, European seminar, and Middle East seminar); Joint PSYOP Staff Planners Course (SWC, not AFSOS).

pitbull03 23 January 2006 03:03

Currently a Huminter who served in 4 POG as a 37F. Served as a TPT leader and as a PSYOP LNO to several organizations. Weasels!

37F5V 1 February 2006 21:51

Anyone else?

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