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Chuvak 29 April 2017 08:07

JTM Training Group
This topic has been previously discussed, but not in several years.

I was hoping to find out if anyone had experience with JTM Training Group, specifically their online EMT-B program. I've also read in other threads, discouraging people from taking online EMT courses as you won't get the same experience.

I took an EMT course in 2001 (refresher is not an option). Of course that was a really long time ago and a lot has changed in emergency medicine since then. However, I've remained current in that I'm currently deployed and over the last 8 years have received a decent amount of mostly trauma-based EMS training based on TCCC to include a live tissue lab (pig).

I'm hoping my existing experience will make up for not having as much classroom/clinical training. A portion of their training is in ****, which is my home of record and it seems feasible I could coincide leave with that training.

To summarize, I'm hoping to hear if anyone has experience with JTM Training Group or have opinions on online EMT-B training in light of my existing medical training.

ScoutsOut 29 April 2017 12:04

Chuvak, did you do your live tissue training as a civilian? I have been looking for someplace that does that but have been unsuccessful.


Chuvak 29 April 2017 12:59

Yes, but funded by my agency. As I understand it, the cost was over $10,000 for a group of 6. If still interested, I can probably track down the name of the company and send via pm.

Rotor Strike please 29 April 2017 17:40

Jim provides excellent training, both medical and firearms related. While live training always trumps virtual, I have no doubt that anything put out by JTM is of use.

TerribleDan 29 April 2017 17:46

LTT being very sensitive, I'm sure the location you trained at required you to sign a non disclosure form so I'd be careful about posting about it. Maybe not but most do.

Chuvak 29 April 2017 18:01

Thanks, Rotor.

Thanks for pointing that out, Dan. I did sign an NDA.

Mods feel free to edit my first post.

DropJ4 8 June 2017 15:28

My husband completed the Military Medic to EMT course through JTM, did it online and then the "practical" part with JTM instructors. He then completed the AEMT online and we drove down to **** for him to complete the 1 week "practical". The staff and program was great. He is getting ready to "recert" and I hope JTM has a program.

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