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Hopeless Civilian 4 November 2018 12:14

Trans am
Probably belongs in the movie and tv forum, but this may be of interest to some of the team guys here. I'm watching Trans am on Discovery channel and their rebuilding 74 SD Trans am owned by a former Navy SEAL! His name is Doug Berman. Some of y'all may know him or served with him! Interesting car build. He wants it to look like a show car but they want to lighten it to race as well!

Frog 5 November 2018 18:33

No one named "Doug Berman" was ever a Navy SEAL !!

Hopeless Civilian 6 November 2018 00:12

Opps! Someone may have a little explaing to do! I'm gonna rewatch the episode to make sure I got the name right, but I'm pretty sure I did!

Hopeless Civilian 6 November 2018 10:33

Ok I did get the spelling of his name wrong! It's Doug Behrman! He looks to be in his mind to late fifties!

Frog 6 November 2018 18:35

Douglas Behrman is a real SEAL, Class 057.

Spelling counts in this forum!!!!!!!!!!!! and !!!!!!

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