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DvlDoc8404 24 May 2010 22:21

The Crisis by Thomas Paine

S@rge63 25 May 2010 04:38

Right now into Ilium-Olympos (Dan Simmons), extended classical references laced with sci-fi.
Really enjoyed The Terror by the same author.

Shadow 25 May 2010 07:07

"Chariots of the Gods" - Erich Von Daniken

Oldpogue 25 May 2010 10:03


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 1309762)
"Chariots of the Gods" - Erich Von Daniken

Don't waste your time. Most of his speculations had been publically disproved before he even wrote the book. The book was either poorly researched or an attempt at blatant bamboozlement.

Tuukka 25 May 2010 13:15

Forgotten Voices of the Falklands War by Hugh McManners

- Just read. Very good glimpse to what the Falkland people, British soldiers and Argentinians felt at the time of the conflict.

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by E.B Sledge

- Halfway through. Gripping, straightforward telling of the fight in the Pacific.

grappler 25 May 2010 13:23

Finishing up SEAL of Honor.

While there are a few chapters dedicated to the behind the scenes story and Lt. Murphy's up-bringing and background story, the majority of the book -- to me -- seemed like a lot of excerpts from Lone Survivor and a few of Dick Couch's books.

BlackAdam01 25 May 2010 13:51

Just started "T.R. the last romantic" by H.W. Brands. Excellent so far and about 900 pages. But it is about Teddy Roosevelt so how can you go wrong?

Geronimo82 27 May 2010 15:43

"We Jumped to Fight" by COL (Ret) Edison Raff. Details the train up and operations of the 2nd, 509th PIR in the MTO during WWII.

Aggie 27 May 2010 17:24

A classic: Dante's Comedy

JV89 28 May 2010 04:56

Was reading Sherlock Holmes, but I kinda strayed.

Balls 28 May 2010 06:15

Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge

This is a book that explains that Christain men don't have to be wimpy or "really nice guys". The description below explains it pretty well. I'm not big on Christian books and I'm probably not the "ideal" Christian, but I try. I also try to live a life that's full of passion and adventure while still being a good person and helping others. Worth a read, for sure.

God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires--aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a nice guy. It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to death. In this provocative book, Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be--dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.

heavyguns1/1 29 May 2010 22:47

Just finished "SEAL of Honor"
The book seemed to have been written with respect for Lt Murphy and showed him as a regular guy, and an extraordinary guy.
The dozens of enemy killed were not worth the loss of these great men.

TennesseeDave 30 May 2010 17:42

Living Dangerously
Biography about Merian C. Cooper, the man who made the original King Kong.
A friend gave it to me and I had no idea of the amazing life this man lived.

Edge 31 May 2010 19:53

Leadership and Training For The Fight By MSG Paul Howe.

hakuilua45 1 June 2010 00:58

Brave Zero Two...anybody read Sheriff or Ramadi by Dick Couch?

Freight_466 1 June 2010 21:42

Without Fear or Favour: A Freewheeling Account of Life on the Thin Blue Line by Jack S. Tinsley

Written by a former Winnipeg Police Service Inspector. I could really relate to some of his stories, well written account of 33 years of policing.


delta447 3 June 2010 00:12

Finished "It" and now reading "Horns" by Joe Hill, Stephen King's son.

GPC 4 June 2010 10:17

The Men who stare at Goats saw the movie figured the book would be interesting.

TX teacher 6 June 2010 10:10

I have about five pages to go in Clive Cussler's "Serpent." Then my next Masters class starts tomorrow so sadly I'll have limited time for leisure reading for a few months.

BiblioRanger 6 June 2010 20:54


Originally Posted by TennesseeDave (Post 1312079)
Biography about Merian C. Cooper, the man who made the original King Kong.
A friend gave it to me and I had no idea of the amazing life this man lived.

I'll have to look for this bio. Merian C. Cooper teamed with John Ford on many great films. I just got the film Wagon Master, 1950, which has the usual characters from a Ford/Cooper film - Ward Bond, Harry Carey, Jr., Jane Darwell.

On a side note, my father in law went to work at RKO right after WWII and worked on the Searchers - he was a laborer so they did all the prep work on location. He retired from Paramount - after Desilu acquired RKO and eventually became Gulf Western and then Paramount. He did aover 40 years in the business and was a proud union member of over 60 years.

Thanks for sharing.

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