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Mars 2 November 2019 22:34

Rest In Peace, Master Chief and thank you for your service to our nation!

8654maine 2 November 2019 22:49


What a life!

justamedic 3 November 2019 02:46


Justaclerk 3 November 2019 04:55

RIP, Master Chief.

agonyea 3 November 2019 08:03

Lest we forget........

CDRODA396 3 November 2019 08:17

May he Rest in Eternal Peace and Honor. Alzheimer's is right behind cancer on the Sucks List ☹️ .

Silverbullet 3 November 2019 08:36

Rest in Peace Master Chief.

jw 3 November 2019 09:20

Rest in Peace Master Chief

LouisianaMan 3 November 2019 11:22

WAY out of my lane to intrude in yalls guys lane, but I do know and have seen the Alzheimer's devastation first hand.


RIP, Rudy. We all "knew" you....

SF_BHT 3 November 2019 11:33

Rest in Peace Master Chief

DB8541 3 November 2019 12:25

RIP Master Chief, Fair Winds and Following Seas to you.

Frog 3 November 2019 17:08

Rudy was amazing. He served the longest time on AD than any other SEAL. The majority of his time was at SEAL Team Two. As CMC, he would see Ensigns roll in and have them return 15 years later as the Commanding Officer and he would still be the CMC. I used to see him at the gym at Little Creek after he retired. He worked out hard everyday and he would always say, "I try to do something (work out) everyday. He would also go to the commissary everyday and get less than 10 items because he hated to wait in line. Then there was the time he and Doc Lynch drove a F-470 from VA Beach to the Florida Fort Pierce Reunion through the Inter-coastal water way. Many memories of Rudy...

just11b 3 November 2019 22:25

Rest in Peace Master Chief.

hile 3 November 2019 23:20

Rest in Peace, Master Chief.

billdawg 3 November 2019 23:45

RIP Master Chief. Thanks for all you did.
We have the watch.

OSOK338 4 November 2019 01:51

R.I.P Master Chief, Rest Easy.

Kalanis 4 November 2019 08:55


navman 4 November 2019 09:05

I used to see him at Rockwell gym on LTLC most mornings doing PT and at the Mess on base sometimes. Had some interesting conversations with him.

Rest easy Master Chief, we have the watch.

Steamin 4 November 2019 09:27

Rest easy Master Chief

Shadow 4 November 2019 16:05

Rest in peace, Master Chief Boesch; thank you for your exemplary service...

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