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CAP MARINE 14 November 2008 18:14

did the staircase machine today-3 different programs-10min.each,at levels the HR up a lot and sweated enough to swim in.

CAP MARINE 18 November 2008 22:11

did my kickbxing on monday,tue-did heavy partials,wed.kickbxing again.

CAP MARINE 21 November 2008 19:02

did a little bodywt workout today-11 exerc.with pushup,pullups,dips and a stomach exer.inbetween each of the 11.ended up with about 500 pushups,200+ dips,86 pullups and other stuff.good workout.will hit the weights saturday.the gym will be mostly empty what with the OU fans at the game.

CAP MARINE 26 November 2008 16:25

staircase machine today-3x10min.levels-10-15

CAP MARINE 20 December 2008 12:41

did this past week-kickbx,weights,pyramid routine-758reps,30min staircase mach.,will do heavy partials today,saturday.

CAP MARINE 21 December 2008 16:07

partials today(sunday)BP-500#off pins,DL 500#at #6 hole(real good for me),tricep-405#off pins and overhead in cybex mach.,#315-these are around 80%,except that DL which i pulled at knee level,actually was down one hole lower!!

CAP MARINE 27 December 2008 15:33

saturday-got up and lifted,despite the bad turkey(yes i was on the pot last night).and the electricity going out at 4:30am and coming back on at 8:30am-storms here in OKLA.
leg press,ext,curl,calves,bp,lats,db press,tri's,curl,neck.out of there.trying not to get too sick.oh,my wife burned a candle the other night;couldnt figure out why i couldnt breath,i ended up going to the for a breathing treatment-remind me to go there only at night-CUTE NURSES.and to throw every candle she has out of the house.

CAP MARINE 29 December 2008 20:48

tues morn-going to do a short pyramid,then throw some DB's around-swings,clean and press etc

CAP MARINE 30 December 2008 12:01

warmup,then two handed DB squat w/30#,press overhead for 1min.;DB swing-50-85#,DB clean and press-50-70#,DB DL two handed w/110(squat);finished with 100pushups,15pullups,240 flutterkicks and 50 going to VA hospital this afternoon to have them look at my foot,been really sore lately.(prior appt.)

CAP MARINE 30 December 2008 17:02

the doc took an exacto knife to my foot,not much feeling in it so no prob.there.hope as good as new,but probably not.

CAP MARINE 31 December 2008 11:17

oh,i will be in the gym today.hey,1979-3 foot operations,didnt slow me down a bit.1991,another,the same,good to go.1971,got out of surgery on the hosp.ship,Sanctuary,Danang,didnt stop me then.ok,just thinking back.

CAP MARINE 31 December 2008 17:25

did 10miles on Airdyne bike.for 2008;bike-231.5miles,jog-80.5miles(treadmill);on the staircase machine 25 times this year.

CAP MARINE 1 January 2009 23:07

did a little workout some days ago-300+pushups(3sets)79pullups and some other exer.i cant remember.

CAP MARINE 3 January 2009 14:58

saturday-started off with 3miles;then JJ's.1/2 jj's,pushups,whirling derv.,wall sit(60sec),up and over,pullups,stretch back,v-situps,lunges,axe,pullups,pushups,flutterkicks,hip-hops,frogkicks,crunches,leglift(60sec),pullups,pus hups,roman chair,superman,good mornings.

CAP MARINE 4 January 2009 22:51

i like to use a natural reverse grip,although i have a pair of hooks(bought from rickey crain,shawnee,ok.)in the DL.;havent used them in over a year though.i like my captains of crush grippers too,helps with the grip of course.

CAP MARINE 5 January 2009 17:53

no,now i wasnt talking about the hook grip,but using hooks for heavy DL's.yes,im aware of the hook grip.same here,btw 225 and 315 i will switch to reverse.the CofC i use the #1 and have a new 1.5-i know im weak.

CAP MARINE 7 January 2009 17:00 very tight back;wed.legs,chest,lats,sh.shrug,tri's,curl;finis hed with some stomach stuff,pushups etc.back feels a lot better.thurs.will do something in the gym;friday-will be subbing at southmoore hs,the kids better be good!this old Marine is coming with his game face on.

CAP MARINE 8 January 2009 18:34

thurs-bodywt workout,5sets,719 reps of hindu squat,pushups,pullups,dips and stomach stuff for the ole belly.

CAP MARINE 10 January 2009 16:57

saturday,i little different wkout-started with a 30# DB squat press overhead,1min.(25reps),woodchopper 20#,15reps;DB swing 50-60#;DB clean/press-50-70#;leg press-835# and some one legged holds over 900#;calves,leg curl(hamstrings),mach.pulldowns for chest,finished with some pushups(100),flutterkicks,roman chair leg raises,10pullups,40dips.went home tired,now going to go see GRAN TORINO.fondle my M-1.

CAP MARINE 11 January 2009 13:50

10miles on stationary bike-32:37,did 2 more slower miles-total 39:22

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