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CAP MARINE 13 January 2009 18:36

came home after subbing today at the HS.worked out to relieve the stress-legs,chest,lats,tri's,neck-went home.

CAP MARINE 15 January 2009 15:27

did a light bodywt workout,will try to hit the treadmill/staircase mach.friday.saturday-hopefully a weight workout.

CAP MARINE 16 January 2009 21:40

didnt get to workout today,friday,will hit it saturday morn-treadmill/staircase,make a 30min workout or so.

CAP MARINE 17 January 2009 11:55

2 miles treadmill,15min.on staircase machine-whew!

CAP MARINE 21 January 2009 14:02

monday-kickbxing,tues-weights-legs,pulldn.DL,some Marine DB swings,clean & press,tri's

CAP MARINE 22 January 2009 15:19

5 set routine,just enough to wake me up-669 reps-pullup,pushups,dips,stomach stuff

CAP MARINE 23 January 2009 12:36

4 easy miles on treadmill-44:20(5.1 to 6.1mph),ave.HR 141,high 151,walked 3min of total jog time.

CAP MARINE 24 January 2009 16:02

heavy partials today-BP-570;DL-520(abt 2"above knee);tricep-475;overhead(a little sore R.elbow-325#;neck chain-85.squat-in the mach-225x8,getting use to that again after hurting the back a couple of months ago,felt real easy.will stick with the machine.

CAP MARINE 26 January 2009 19:27

well, socked in with the weather in Oklahoma.rode my stationary 10miles.can make it to the gym tuesday,its not too far away.plan on a 10set routine or so,bodywt exercises.

DSSRonin 26 January 2009 21:24

Pressed for time today - 5k row in 21:17.

Patrick7 26 January 2009 21:51

At home:
10 sets on the 2:00
20 push-ups
25 crunch

5 x 20 air squats.

CAP MARINE 27 January 2009 13:56

10set routine-1422 reps-200 hindu squats,400 pushups,92 pullups,200 dips,and bunch of reps for the stomach.about 60-65min. to do.

CAP MARINE 29 January 2009 12:42

2miles treadmill,12min-staircase machine(thursday)

CAP MARINE 31 January 2009 01:00

friday-went and did some speedbag,heavy bag boxing and kicking

CAP MARINE 31 January 2009 15:02


CAP MARINE 1 February 2009 15:53

light bodywt routine-50 jumping jacks,300 pushups,80 pullups,340 stomach stuff,125 dips

CAP MARINE 2 February 2009 22:15

did boxing today,good to get back into the swing of things with that,the weather and all.

Patrick7 3 February 2009 12:16

Got it off the mountain athlete site. Check out the gym jones thread on here for one of the mtn athlete videos-pretty good stuff. They have 2 or three workouts posted each day on there as well.

CAP MARINE 3 February 2009 20:16

bodywt exer-500pushups,110 pullups,300 stomach stuff

CAP MARINE 4 February 2009 12:37

10 mph on a treadmill,i would be holding on for dear life!

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