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CAP MARINE 2 July 2008 23:25

Non-CF Daily Workout Logs
had a little vertigo this week,it isnt fun with everything spinning real bad-did get a squat in(smith mach.) and flat bench BP.a little better today,DB swings(85#)DL in the rack,shin level-315#,5reps;pushups,pullups,and some stomach stuff.short workout,hope i feel better for my arlington ,tx trip(Marine get together)

CAP MARINE 7 July 2008 22:56

sunday-2miles on treadmill,then 10min on staircase mach.level 12(rolling hills).wiped out

CAP MARINE 25 July 2008 11:06

did the staircase machine this morning(friday)-3 different program,11minutes,level 11 to 13.good 33 minutes total.will up my level a little and do time,probably.will work myself up to the highest level,20,in the next year.dont want to rush resting HR is real low,dont want to over-stress it.

CAP MARINE 26 July 2008 12:30

static contraction lifting today-heavy partials,did quite well,never know how my body and joints are going to do.

CAP MARINE 30 July 2008 20:21

went to kickbxing monday,did the instr's toughest routine,a good 30min. straight circuit.rather hot in the place,finished it off like always doing stomach stuff.

CAP MARINE 5 August 2008 16:54

worked out today-a little squat,hams,calves;db bench,clean and press w/db's,ez curl,deadlift in rack, neck chain-finished off with one set pullups,roman chair and dips.

CAP MARINE 26 August 2008 18:29

1620 rep bdywt. routine-hindu squats,pushups,pullups,stomach exer.,dips

Believeraz 31 August 2008 18:54

This morning: 4x300m sprint, in loaded armor. Averaged around 1:05 apiece. It was great for getting the congestion out...while hacking up a lung.

Tonight: weighted pullups x 7 sets of max reps using loaded armor for weight.

CAP MARINE 31 August 2008 19:53

rode my stationary bike-10miles-82deg in the garage.resting HR 49 this morning.

CAP MARINE 3 September 2008 09:57

weights tues-75% or so,10reps
DB Swings
DB lats-one arm
DB press
neck chain

CAP MARINE 6 September 2008 23:59

did my static contraction(heavy partials) today.

CAP MARINE 7 September 2008 14:27

did staircase machine-33min.,3 different programs.wore HM,good recovery time,under 120HR in less than 2 tired

Believeraz 7 September 2008 21:40

Warmup- various w/ 45 pound bar and joint mobility
Push Press 5x5 @ 115#-135#
Knees to Elbows: 5x5
High Rack Pulls/Holds: 4x10 sec @85% 1RM
3x30 sec bar hang
15 min stretching

Zamir 8 September 2008 19:19


CAP MARINE 10 September 2008 19:45

was going to lift tomorrow,but 1/2 day of subbing at school.will pick it up friday,went to kickbxing today though.

Zamir 10 September 2008 21:27

PT was mixed into range time with the team. Plenty of burpees, flutter kicks, and 400 meter runs, air squats, and push presses(with heavy ass rocks).

CAP MARINE 12 October 2008 14:48

hurt my back twice in one week.going back to leg press now,will stay away from squats;just cant afford hurting myself so often.i did do my static contraction partials yesterday-550bench,460tricep,460DL(at knees)and an easy 315 overhead(got to watch the lower back)

CAP MARINE 12 October 2008 14:53

we've talked about grip on here a few times.i'm doing the #1 captains crush pretty good now so i ordered a grip is pretty poor but the CofC sure seems to help.

CAP MARINE 15 October 2008 13:45

did a almost 1600 rep bodywt routine-pushups,pullups,stomach exer,and dips

CAP MARINE 18 October 2008 21:15

friday-one mile on treadmill,then got on the staircase machine-rolling hills-level 14/10min,then speed-2,5min. sessions at level 15.whew!!

CAP MARINE 14 November 2008 18:14

did the staircase machine today-3 different programs-10min.each,at levels the HR up a lot and sweated enough to swim in.

CAP MARINE 18 November 2008 22:11

did my kickbxing on monday,tue-did heavy partials,wed.kickbxing again.

CAP MARINE 21 November 2008 19:02

did a little bodywt workout today-11 exerc.with pushup,pullups,dips and a stomach exer.inbetween each of the 11.ended up with about 500 pushups,200+ dips,86 pullups and other stuff.good workout.will hit the weights saturday.the gym will be mostly empty what with the OU fans at the game.

CAP MARINE 26 November 2008 16:25

staircase machine today-3x10min.levels-10-15

CAP MARINE 20 December 2008 12:41

did this past week-kickbx,weights,pyramid routine-758reps,30min staircase mach.,will do heavy partials today,saturday.

CAP MARINE 21 December 2008 16:07

partials today(sunday)BP-500#off pins,DL 500#at #6 hole(real good for me),tricep-405#off pins and overhead in cybex mach.,#315-these are around 80%,except that DL which i pulled at knee level,actually was down one hole lower!!

CAP MARINE 27 December 2008 15:33

saturday-got up and lifted,despite the bad turkey(yes i was on the pot last night).and the electricity going out at 4:30am and coming back on at 8:30am-storms here in OKLA.
leg press,ext,curl,calves,bp,lats,db press,tri's,curl,neck.out of there.trying not to get too sick.oh,my wife burned a candle the other night;couldnt figure out why i couldnt breath,i ended up going to the for a breathing treatment-remind me to go there only at night-CUTE NURSES.and to throw every candle she has out of the house.

CAP MARINE 29 December 2008 20:48

tues morn-going to do a short pyramid,then throw some DB's around-swings,clean and press etc

CAP MARINE 30 December 2008 12:01

warmup,then two handed DB squat w/30#,press overhead for 1min.;DB swing-50-85#,DB clean and press-50-70#,DB DL two handed w/110(squat);finished with 100pushups,15pullups,240 flutterkicks and 50 going to VA hospital this afternoon to have them look at my foot,been really sore lately.(prior appt.)

CAP MARINE 30 December 2008 17:02

the doc took an exacto knife to my foot,not much feeling in it so no prob.there.hope as good as new,but probably not.

CAP MARINE 31 December 2008 11:17

oh,i will be in the gym today.hey,1979-3 foot operations,didnt slow me down a bit.1991,another,the same,good to go.1971,got out of surgery on the hosp.ship,Sanctuary,Danang,didnt stop me then.ok,just thinking back.

CAP MARINE 31 December 2008 17:25

did 10miles on Airdyne bike.for 2008;bike-231.5miles,jog-80.5miles(treadmill);on the staircase machine 25 times this year.

CAP MARINE 1 January 2009 23:07

did a little workout some days ago-300+pushups(3sets)79pullups and some other exer.i cant remember.

CAP MARINE 3 January 2009 14:58

saturday-started off with 3miles;then JJ's.1/2 jj's,pushups,whirling derv.,wall sit(60sec),up and over,pullups,stretch back,v-situps,lunges,axe,pullups,pushups,flutterkicks,hip-hops,frogkicks,crunches,leglift(60sec),pullups,pus hups,roman chair,superman,good mornings.

CAP MARINE 4 January 2009 22:51

i like to use a natural reverse grip,although i have a pair of hooks(bought from rickey crain,shawnee,ok.)in the DL.;havent used them in over a year though.i like my captains of crush grippers too,helps with the grip of course.

CAP MARINE 5 January 2009 17:53

no,now i wasnt talking about the hook grip,but using hooks for heavy DL's.yes,im aware of the hook grip.same here,btw 225 and 315 i will switch to reverse.the CofC i use the #1 and have a new 1.5-i know im weak.

CAP MARINE 7 January 2009 17:00 very tight back;wed.legs,chest,lats,sh.shrug,tri's,curl;finis hed with some stomach stuff,pushups etc.back feels a lot better.thurs.will do something in the gym;friday-will be subbing at southmoore hs,the kids better be good!this old Marine is coming with his game face on.

CAP MARINE 8 January 2009 18:34

thurs-bodywt workout,5sets,719 reps of hindu squat,pushups,pullups,dips and stomach stuff for the ole belly.

CAP MARINE 10 January 2009 16:57

saturday,i little different wkout-started with a 30# DB squat press overhead,1min.(25reps),woodchopper 20#,15reps;DB swing 50-60#;DB clean/press-50-70#;leg press-835# and some one legged holds over 900#;calves,leg curl(hamstrings),mach.pulldowns for chest,finished with some pushups(100),flutterkicks,roman chair leg raises,10pullups,40dips.went home tired,now going to go see GRAN TORINO.fondle my M-1.

CAP MARINE 11 January 2009 13:50

10miles on stationary bike-32:37,did 2 more slower miles-total 39:22

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