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JSOC Marine 82 23 February 2016 15:11

USSOCOM Commando Hall of Honor, Col. Bob Coates
Just found out that Col. Bob Coates USMC (ret.) will be inducted into the SOCOM Hall of Honor. Former CO of 1st. Force and then commanded MARSOC, Det. 1. Great warrior and outstanding choice!

8654maine 23 February 2016 16:09

BZ, Col. Coates!

WGH0922 23 February 2016 16:17

That's awesome. Well deserved and the finest CO I have ever served.

UGA_11B 23 February 2016 16:20

Congratulations COL. Well deserved!

Silverbullet 23 February 2016 16:47

Wow! Great news for Bob.

Frog 23 February 2016 19:21

Great news!

WGH0922 23 February 2016 20:02

I still remember the day before me and my buddy "Ripper" went to Ranger School in 2000. I was 32 and Ripper was 34. SgtMaj Naughton came to me and Ripper and says, "The Old Man wants to talk to you guys before you go." We roll into Col Coates' office and he says, "I know you two are ready to go and kick ass, just remember my policy. Ranger Tab or body bag." LOL

8654maine 23 February 2016 20:50

Coates and Naughton. Great Marines.

Global Med 24 February 2016 10:30


usmc_3m 24 February 2016 14:42

Congratulations, Col Coates !

Mars 24 February 2016 14:43

Outstanding news!

slowloud&harmless 24 February 2016 20:44

Fantastic Marine Officer and the best Skipper a rifle company of misfits could have hoped for. Congrats, Sir!

Hoof 26 February 2016 13:33

That is outstanding and well deserved.

Yarg 15 March 2016 10:54

Congratulation to a Great Man and Officer

JSOC Marine 82 15 March 2016 12:43

Induction date is 22 April. Two Marines, 2 Army (1 ARSOF and 1 JSOC), 1 Air Force. For some reason, no one from NSW.

Gumby2/6 15 March 2016 14:35

Can't believe I missed this. Congratulations, Marine, as well as to the other inductees... Giants among men.

Global Med 16 March 2016 11:14

Col, who is the other Marine? From our community?

JSOC Marine 82 16 March 2016 12:19

The second Marine is Master Sgt. John S. Moser. Understand he received the Navy Cross as a MARSOC team leader in Afghanstan.

Silverbullet 16 March 2016 12:28

Correct John Mosser was awarded the Navy Cross for his distinguished actions while serving with a MarSoc team. He received it when he was back in 3d Recon Bn.

Frog 21 April 2016 19:41

Attended the ceremony yesterday in the SOCOM Wargame Center. Simply awesome. GEN Thomas presided with a room full of who's who SOF GO/FOs and legends of the community. I gave Konrad Trautman my seat and had to stand with the full room. Had a chance to catch up with Bob from our years at U South Carolina NROTC days in the mid '70's afterwards. Many prior Det ONE guys were there to see Bob. Not sure how he does it, but he looks ageless - no gray hair, young wife and young kids.

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