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KJ 20 May 2003 09:13

Memo: Links
Welcome to the Air Force side of SOCNET.

If you donít know a lot about the people, jobs or forums under this category, let me help you a little. Although this is a team room, there are direct sources for each career field and groups within. Here are some well-frequented sites for the BTDTs in these areas:

By design, the career fields of Pararescue, Combat Control and Combat Weather have let my friend TE handle all the recruiting and background information for these career fields.

If you arenít sure what PJ, CCT and CW stand for, see this site:
Special Tactics . Com

If you have a more refined question or experience,
for Pararescue try:
PJ's in Nam

For Combat Control:
Combat Control Association

For AFSOC, fixed wing try:
Air Commando Association

or for you gunship guys:
Spectre Association

For helicopters try:
The Jolly Green Association

For Pave Low guys try:

For Combat Weather guys try:
Grey Beret

For TAC-P try:
The Romad Locator
Ranger TACP. com

For Security Forces:
Air Force Security Police . Com

or, for Vietnam era SPís try:
Vietnam Security Police Association (Air Force)

AF Survival/SERE guys like to hang out at:
U.S. Air Force SERE Instructor

Well, I hope that helps you. If not, feel free to shoot me a PM and ask.

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