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Chris_L 21 May 2002 16:28

The SOCNET sunglasses thread....
In the movie Black Hawk Down, they had Delta Operator "Hoot", wearing Oakley X-Metal Juliet sunglasses. I don't think those were around back in 93.

Very cool sunglasses though.

UberCree 21 May 2002 16:38


garett 21 May 2002 21:59

Yeah, SF guys are sponsored by Oakley. They get all the new gear years ahead of time to try it out. Just like the Japanese. My unit is sponsored by Gatorade and Power Bar, along with Hustler of course.

Bushmaster 18 July 2002 11:53

Funny ass thread!! Glad I opened it up.

BTW, do you guys that are sponsored by Gatorade or Oakley or whoever, do you have to put their name on the back of your rucksack or anything??? :D

MrPotatoHead 30 July 2002 17:21


Originally posted by Captain Caveman
Funny ass thread!! Glad I opened it up.

BTW, do you guys that are sponsored by Gatorade or Oakley or whoever, do you have to put their name on the back of your rucksack or anything??? :D

No, it's a permanant sponsorship. They pay for tatoo space. It really hurt when I got the profalactic endorsement.

UberCree 31 July 2002 10:29

Jeez I always thought that was a donut being lifted by a helo on your pic, turns out it's a condom all along.

mts 21 February 2003 12:53

The SOCNET sunglasses thread....
What type of sunglasses are most popular with the people who frequent this website? And why are they the most popular type?

B 2/75 21 February 2003 13:04

The kind that sit on your nose, hooks on your ears, and shades your eyes.

Why? Because anything else would be absurd.

RLK 21 February 2003 13:23

I like the square black ones. They're the shit.

Dan 17 March 2003 00:37

The search button is a wonderful tool.

nelson6603 13 June 2003 16:59

Oakleys M series?
Anyone know about the line of Oakley M frames thats out right now...the SI issue? Anybody own a pair, are they worth $90.00?

I have read that some police dept.s issue them to the SRT teams, anybody in the service using them?

I have read that they are ballistc proven, but then again I have never had a gun come apart in my face. How about comfort for all day wearing?

DFC5343 13 June 2003 20:29

Go buy a pair and find out for yourself. All Oakley products are good to go.

nelson6603 14 June 2003 01:57

Perhaps I will invest the money on a pair, remains to be seen.
I was looking for an objective view.

I sense some attitude.

DFC5343 14 June 2003 02:27

Nope a little friendly from someone...shall we say...knows?

e5wsf 23 January 2004 00:09

Sunglasses on patrol?
I've been reading on TF forums and Lightfighter about prefered sunglasses for military use. Oakley seems to be the number one choice in manufacturer due to optical clarity and safety.(I like the design idea of Wiley X SG-1 but have read some less than glowing reports about the lenses. Any Oakley models with a strap vs. arms? If so, I cannot find them.) I am, however,more intersted in the effects of different lenses when moving from bright light to shadow/dark. Are there preferred lenses that make the eye adjustments less dramatic without interfering with your vision? Are certain colored lenses to be avoided? Contrast is also a concern. In MOUT you may have to enter a dark building while patrolling in the mid-day sun. Wooded areas, depending on foliage density, present changes as well though probably not as sudden as in MOUT. Snow and sun make sunglasses a necessity. Are sunglasses on patrol discouraged in wooded areas? They were several years ago IIRC. Some of my concernes come about because I see such a variety of cheap, shitty eyewear being used. Gas station crap sometimes. Safety is an issue. What is the best, military use, "GP" lens and what should I avoid? I would do the research on my own but the thought of buying four pair of $100+ glasses tends to discourage me. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Is this a dumb question? I have been unable to find the answer elsewhere and would appreciate the input of those that have BTDT.

NAVALGUNFIRE 4 February 2004 19:20

the only person i ever saw wear sunglasses on patrol, was a Sgt. of mine of course he spent the good money to get the one that had the lenses that changed from clear in dark places to dark in bright places, nobody else in our section wore them.

e5wsf 5 February 2004 18:20

Re: sunglasses

Originally posted by NAVALGUNFIRE
nobody else in our section wore them.
Just the goggles in the desert then?? Glasses for the HSLD only?

abc123 5 February 2004 21:20

i jnormally just used clear lenses and switched to a shooter's yellow towards dusk.

sometimes when i got tired of squinting i used a grey lens during the day. if i had to go inside i just took off the eyepro...not the best solution but better than not being able to see. once i did that i usually felt like i was a dumbass for not wearing eyepro which made me use clear lenses exclusively after that...for a while...until i got tired of squinting in the sunlight...


the moral of this story is that there is NO universal solution to anything. EVERYTHING is about making tradeoffs according to METT-T. Just make your call and then live with it. The trick is to not spend unnessary time hand-wringing if the situation changes....recognize immediately that your COA isn't working and don't be afraid to switch....then when it's all over do an AAR and move on...

e5wsf 5 February 2004 21:59

Gotcha on the hand-wringing. I'm one of those that has to know every pro/con of something like this. It's all about function. Thanks for the input gents.

Royal 6 February 2004 14:35

The simple answer from our side of the pond is don't - at least not on PSO/IS Ops. If you're wearing sunglasses you cannot keep and maintain eye contact with the CivPop.

On the other hand for driving/snow you need something. Personally I've used Oakleys for years. As abc123 said - adapt to the situation.

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