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Jim1348 5 June 2018 19:26

Keyboard Mouse For Asus Chromebit
In a weak moment a couple of years ago, I bought an Asus Chromebit. It is not my main way to get online, but I bought it as a backup of sorts if/when somebody's computer goes Tango Uniform around the compound.

Anyway, I was snooping around the basement and found an old Samsung SyncMaster 192MP. It has an HDMI port. I also found an HDMI to DVI cable in the basement and bought an HDMI connector. The Chromebit works through this. It may even be faster than the wife's old Samsung Chromebook.

I am now trying to decide if I want to go with a wireless USB keyboard mouse or a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It looks like Bluetooth is a bit more expensive than wireless USB keyboard mice combos.

So, my questions are, what are the most compelling reasons to go with Bluetooth over USB? Is it simply because they are compatible with smartphones and tablets? Should I simply go to a local Micro Center and get the least expensive Logitech USB mouse/keyboards comos and be done with it?

The Fat Guy 5 June 2018 22:48

If you are gong to travel with this rig, use the BT. If it is going to sit on your desk, use the USB. I travel 150+ days a year and all that unplugging gets old. I plug in the BT antennae in the USB port and leave it there. They sync up automatically when I boot the machine.

Polypro 6 June 2018 06:32

If the device has built in BT, you get away with not having to take up a USB port for the BT dongle. You can also use it with other BT devices. If you have to stick a dongle in anyway, and don't plan on moving it from device to device - no need to go BT.

Jim1348 6 June 2018 10:48

Keyboard Mouse For Asus Chromebit
Thanks for the replies. I am probably making a run to Micro Center this afternoon.

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