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Rockout 28 July 2011 01:12


Originally Posted by mdwest (Post 1058013733)
... I have seen ALOT of job postings where CPP is preferred or even required to apply.. I have never seen a posting that asked for an undergrad cert or one that suggessted they would consider an undergrad cert in lieu of the CPP...

the undergrad cert would be better than nothing.. but in my opinion there are better ways to invest your time and your money...

if you meet the education/experience requirements to sit for the CPP.. my advice is to go that route rather than the PSP (the study and effort you have put into the PSP will apply to what you need to sit for the CPP.. so nothing is lost..)..

CPP is becoming the standard. Congrats to ASIS to making it so. A CPP friend of mine recommended taking the PSP first as apparently a lot of the questions regard physical security. It gives one the chance to get a feel for the test and program and gives a certification in the process. As mentioned it cant hurt. Different strokes...

Undergrad cert - just get the degree. Would you get two AA's? If you want to impress, have a double major. You may not think it now but it will be worth it in the long run.

jicima 5 August 2011 21:18

I was enrolled there about two years ago. I did a single course with them and then took a new job, relocated self and family and had a new kid. Busy year so I stopped with the intention of going back.

I can say that the lack of regional accreditation has kept me from returning and I am considering moving on to AMU.

The course was not difficult in any way. I initially had two courses going, but the text book from one of them was a case law book from 1989. When I asked the instructor and later the administration about it, there was no good answer so I dropped the course. They told me they would soon be looking at using an updated text for the case law class. I haven't checked back to find out if that is true.

I want to get my Bachelors but will want to pursue a Masters following and unless I plan to do it with them, it will be difficult to get another school to recognize my Bachelors due to lack of regional acred.

The school is VERY expensive and no financial aid is available as they do not have the regional acred.

The learning experience is what you make of it, you can do the minimum or you can do the max, like most anything else.

The security clearance thing is a marketing tool in my opinion. I sent them a copy of my JPAS and that was fine, but they also will allow you to get a standard police background check...whatever.

There is one serious pain in the ass with them in that you have to find a proctor to take your exams. This generally is a fee someplace and you can expect about 4-8 exams per course and a final. You have to travel to take the exam as most proctors will not come to you. Also, you will need to get the proctor approved.

Conclusion, if they got their regional acred, I would likely continue with them even though they are really expensive. The offer a pretty select degree which is not offered in many places in my field (security) mostly you see criminal justice degrees which are more centered around cops. The degree is what it is, and if you just need a BA, most places won't care where it came from so long as the school is "real" and you have the paper to check the box...this is particularly true if you are going for a graduate degree later on. Pretty much nobody cares what your undergrad was if you have a higher degree.
HPU will also let you get credit based on experience in your degree field for up to 5 courses. They will have their faculty check your experience and or call you to quiz you. This can really shorten your time making your degree.
Also, the great thing is you can get through these courses as fast as you can handle the work and start the next batch of them totally at your own pace.

SteveMN175 12 August 2012 08:34

Does anyone know anything regarding their PhD program? I have a BA and a MS and would like to go to the next level.

CarbineM1 12 August 2012 08:49


Originally Posted by universible (Post 1058007853)
Sorry I wasnt more clear. They are not officially vetting anything, from my understanding. It's more if their own internal background check (run your name, credit, other info through lexis nexus, etc). Unless it's changed, they don't do much else. Obviously I'd be hesitant to give them any info about clearances. I can't see a reason they'd need it.

This based on first hand experience over a number of years, though before the most recent iteration of the school.

Yesterday I was applying online for a RA specialty program related to remote sensing and GIS, they also conduct a complete (pretty detailed) background check, the release also leaves them open to do so anytime while enrolled. Further research indicated many schools are doing this not only for "security/intelligence" related programs but to minimize "potentially problem" students being allowed in their programs. From my brief research yesterday this is more related to the current problem with unstable students (and students with violent BGs) and their actions in the national media, not so much a security issue. A few knuckleheads yada, yada, yad..

Rockville 12 August 2012 22:42

HPU is still not Western States accredited

Box 13 August 2012 05:39

Opinions may vary, bit I took some classes through AMU and felt like I wasted my time and money. Unimpressed on quite a few levels.

I am taking a class through HP now and it has been a good experience so far.

...just my two cents.

Trig 13 August 2012 05:53


Originally Posted by Billy L-bach (Post 1058178048)
Opinions may vary, bit I took some classes through AMU and felt like I wasted my time and money. Unimpressed on quite a few levels.

I agree that opinions definitely vary on any learning institution. There are some core variables that need to be taken into consideration when forming an opinion. For online schools especially, the quality of your classmates and their experiences will influence your opinion of the course as most courses rely heavily on interaction. Different Professors can make the course valuable or not as well. That being said, I'd advise people to form their own opinions and not turn their nose up at any school based on someone else's online review. (not necessarily meaning this site.)
Reviews are like having a bad meal at a restaurant ie If you have a bad meal/experience at a restaurant you will tell everyone you see and it will be at the forefront of your mind when engaging in conversation. If you have a good meal/experience at a restaurant you might tell one or 2 people you see if the topic comes up.

If I look at the entire time I was at AMU, I can say I had a mid-range/positive experience. The school served it's purpose for me.

ltdave 25 August 2013 00:21

First-off, my apologies to the group for resurrecting an old thread. In doing some research into attending HPU, this thread contained some of the best information I was able to find.

By chance, does anyone have any knowledge about their Doctoral Program in Strategic Security?

Also, how does one feel regarding their accreditation status? As the degree I seek is a terminal degree I won't have to worry about transferring credits into other programs, so I am unsure if I even care about the regional vs. national accreditation.

As long as the reputation of the school within the industry isn't as a joke or diploma mill, I'd like to consider it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting; I look forward to hearing anything back if you have a free moment.

Stay Safe,

The Fat Guy 25 August 2013 02:21

I am in the final throws of getting into the same program. Waiting on the VA. The founder is a client of mine. I am looking forward to a structured learning program again as opposed to hearing about SOTBs female hormone replacement therapy.

Macka 25 August 2013 09:44

As an aside, just because you've attended a regionally accredited school, it is not a lock all of your credits will transfer. It will depend on the course name, course description, and your grade. There also has to be a spot on the degree path for the class to fit.

As an extreme example, say you've taken all of your gen Ed classes and taken a few classes in your concentration, say Bio. Now you are tranfering to study CJ. Your current Bio classes may not transfer into a CJ degree path. Often they can squeeze them in as electives, but many times they can't. Even within a similar concentration, not all classes may be transferable. It's something to consider.

It's best to transfer early in you academic career when you've taken mostly gen Ed classes. Some schools are more selective with this. Sometimes due to academic issues, and quite frankly, sometimes due financial reasons. For each class that transfers in, they don't charge tuition.

As far as online schools, my wife just finished her Doctorate from Arcadia University in PA. The program was a specialized course of study and was online. It was very demanding but well worth it in the end (big pay raise starting this week)

SteveMN175 24 October 2013 10:40


Please contact me if you are still interested in the Doctorate in Strategic Security (DSS) program. I am currently enrolled and may be able to answer some of your questions.

Also, anyone else may contact me if they are interested in HPU's DSS program as well.

SteveMN175 18 March 2015 16:19

Henley-Putnam University is still actively pursuing their regional accreditation:

Henley-Putnam University is hosting a site visit by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) on March 25-27, 2015, in connection with its accreditation.

usmc_3m 7 January 2016 13:06

Hi Folks.

Anyone have additional info on HPU's regional accreditation status? Their website says they are a "candidate" for WASC and that will be for a max of five years. It doesn't say when that five years started and will end. I was interested in HPU - to utilize my company's tuition assist program - but I don't believe they will accept HPU without regional accreditation.

sarc88 7 January 2016 14:32


Originally Posted by usmc_3m (Post 1058533817)
Hi Folks.

Anyone have additional info on HPU's regional accreditation status? Their website says they are a "candidate" for WASC and that will be for a max of five years. It doesn't say when that five years started and will end. I was interested in HPU - to utilize my company's tuition assist program - but I don't believe they will accept HPU without regional accreditation.

No, they are not regionally accredited.

usmc_3m 7 January 2016 15:22


Originally Posted by sarc88 (Post 1058533867)
No, they are not regionally accredited.

sarc88 - thanks for the link. Didn't know about this site.

SteveMN175 20 September 2017 16:29

Just an update from Henley-Putnam University: "...Henley-Putnam University has entered into an asset purchase agreement with National American University. The asset purchase is expected to close in February 2018, at which time, all academic functions will be performed by National American University (NAU) under the NAU name.

National American University provides a great opportunity for our students. NAU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), is approved to participate in Title IV Financial Aid Programs, VA benefit programs, and the military tuition assistance program. National American University’s dedicated staff will work with each of you to help you understand and determine eligibility for benefits.

National American University has been serving military and veteran students since 1941 and is committed to delivering quality education rooted in compliance and based on excellence in a caring and supportive environment to the military family anywhere and at any time.

H-PU will continue serving its students while beginning the integration process with NAU prior to the expected closing in February 2018. Students will continue on with their degrees just as if they were continuing at H-PU. In most cases, students will continue with their current faculty. NAU will transition students with as minimal disruption as possible. At the present time, NAU does not plan to make changes to the faculty, certificates, degrees, or course content and/or curriculum, except as necessary to keep courses current and relevant. National American University intends to continue the curriculum and course schedule with little impact to current students.

H-PU will be operating within the College of Military Studies at NAU and after the close will be known as “Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security”. Your transcripts and diplomas will state you have attended and graduated from Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security."

Macka 20 September 2017 17:42

Are they regionally accredited yet?

The Fat Guy 20 September 2017 17:45

Hopefully this will combine what is espoused as good education and the appropriate / recognized educational credentials. The founder of HPU and I discussed this move about a month ago. My apologies for not posting.

The Fat Guy 20 September 2017 18:01


Originally Posted by Macka (Post 1058672620)
Are they regionally accredited yet?

Their website says "higher learning commission"

Expatmedic 21 September 2017 10:33

HLC is a legit regional accrediting body. The US Dept. of Education recognizes them as such.

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