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CAP MARINE 23 June 2016 19:26

PJ Bradford
Fixed my tv. We talked. Nasty leg wound.ok next time we start comparing

PJ1 24 June 2016 22:14


KJ 5 August 2016 13:17

Esslinger? Davis? Ponce?

CAP MARINE 5 August 2016 13:41

If I see him again ask about these men?

Sharky 5 August 2016 13:48

I think they are asking what his name is.... Bradford What?

CAP MARINE 5 August 2016 14:06

Believe his last name is Bradford, gosh, I assumed that is what it is. We talked for a bit, he had other calls to take
Nasty leg wound, glad he came through ok. The Docs saved my foot too.

Ace 6 August 2016 08:23

Who's KJ? Is he still around? (used to live in a grass hut with 13 kids, 3 wives, 7 chickens, and a thing that looked like a furry cat).

Haven't heard from him in years.

B 2/75 6 August 2016 09:15

Dunno... but I heard he's hiding out somewhere in the swampy part of Florida

KJ 1 September 2016 16:19

Ace: I am in the in the SOCNET witness protection program. :) hehe

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