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mikebern 9 March 2016 23:25

PJ / CRO Indoc tips and workouts
Hey guys,
I'm currently a cone at Kirtland. Going through Indoc (Ballz 15-5) I knew very, very little going into it and wished there were more resources available to prepare for it. So, my buddy and I decided to put together a site to help others out who are in the dark on what to expect.

Check it out, let me know if there's anything you wish was added. Your feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.

sarc88 14 March 2016 23:34

It's ditch and don. Not ditch and dawn. Don is to put something on. Dawn's when the French and Indians attack

Rotor Strike please 15 March 2016 05:01

Thank you for volunteering for a tough career field. That said, maybe you want to hold off on this until you complete all your training?

IronCross 1 April 2016 12:34

It's spelled scurve.

My question to you is why give this information out? Did you not have to earn it by completing indoc?

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