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usacivpol 16 February 2018 19:57

Old is new again, Vietnam Era Jungle Boot
The Jungle Boot is back, made by McRae footwear in Mt. Gilead NC just like your original ones were.

Price has gone up a bit.:biggrin: $126.95

As I recall I bought factory seconds for $25 at a little surplus store outside of Mt. Gilead in 1979. My brother still wears them.

gavin 16 February 2018 20:46

I was issued "Vietnam" jungles when I got to 2/75, and mine can traditional eyelets. Those new one got that wrong.

cj 16 February 2018 22:29

Do they have the steel sole shank? Try sitting in front of a campfire with a set of those old jungles on your feet while nestled up to the fire. Then stand to go take a piss.....:eek:

agonyea 17 February 2018 07:34

So many road marches in my old jungles the plate clicks back and forth. The steel plate in the snow will really get your attention. My brother still has the ones I gave him from 'Nam. Anything over $20 is gonna stay on the shelf for me.

Gray Rhyno 17 February 2018 10:28

The old green jungles were my favorite all-purpose boots. I managed to get away with wearing them all the way up to 2004 when the new suede boots for MARPAT were finally made mandatory. :biggrin:

13F/COLT 19 February 2018 10:11

I cut the steal shank out of mine the first month I had them, used them mostly in garrison and ruck marches. Wore them one time in the field and realized that you could feel every sharp stick and rock you steeped on.

Rich Gause 19 February 2018 10:48

I remember mine as being comfortable once they were well broken in and my feet were covered in calluses including on top..... They look like the same thing; lol I can just imagine the blisters people who are used to modern shoes are gonna get trying these...

Paperpusher 19 February 2018 11:08

I'll have to get my pair out of the closet and put a little polish on them. IIRC, one of the vents in the arch area is missing its little metal eyelet, but I think they're in fairly decent shape for being so old. Issued Jan 1968, so not just VN era. Forensic science could probably ID some pollen peculiar to the place . . . and some lingering Orange, White and other agents. When I get the "thank-you-for-your-service," I can tell the person to thank my boots, too.:biggrin:

bobmueller 19 February 2018 11:56

I bought a pair when I was in Germany (MP in the 80s); a couple of NCOs chewed me out saying I wasn't in the jungle. Finally sold them around 2002 or so.

wildman43 19 February 2018 14:02

The Jungle Boot is back, from what I have read, that the current Boot is falling apart in South America, due to the weather an getting wet. Have not heard or read any thing more about it.

RangerCharlie 19 February 2018 14:53

I still have a green and black set.

PocketKings 19 February 2018 16:15

I wore green with sawtooth soles. Still have them.

One of my best days of RS was after the roadmarch to the MOUT site. The roadmarch failures were off to the side getting booted, and a few were tossing gear into a nearby dumpster. One guy was tossing a pair of worn in black jungles with sneaker soles and leather so soft they were like socks (no toe/heel caps, no steel shank).

I took them and tossed them in my ruck. They were my patrol base boots - comfortable like an old pair of slippers.

KW Driver 19 February 2018 21:59

none of the greens I managed to keep and not DX are worth wearing. I have a pair of blacks that are still spit shined (for spits and starches). I can't remember the last time I wore them, but it had to have been in the 90s, likely.

Joker 20 February 2018 13:12

I still have several pair of my issued OD green boots and wear them regularly. I have replaced the laces with 550.

DB8541 20 February 2018 13:53

We have had an open terrain desert warfare mentality since the Gulf war and most of our gear to include the foot wear has gone that way as well, of course all of that will change the first time we engage in a long term conflict in SE Asia or Central America again.

I will say that both version of boots the Marine Cops went to in the early 2000's suck when wet and are hot as shit in humid conditions.

RemTech 20 February 2018 15:29

I loved my jungle boots. I would wear them will wading the intracoastal fishing and the salt just ate them up - should have hosed them off more often.

Mingo Kane 20 February 2018 16:30

Had two sets of jungles, one set for the field and road marches--broke in and felt really good on the feet, the other set was for starches and spits only, usually felt like you were walking around with 2X4's strapped to your feet--but damn they looked good with razor starched OG 107's and the black beret (back when you earned the black instead of it being issued :smile: )

CAP MARINE 20 February 2018 17:27

I wonder if that steel shank help save my right foot?

Lefty 20 February 2018 21:17

Still have my last old pair that carried me all over II Corps. Scuffed but serviceable.

SF_BHT 20 February 2018 22:19


Originally Posted by gavin (Post 1058706726)
I was issued "Vietnam" jungles when I got to 2/75, and mine can traditional eyelets. Those new one got that wrong.

I still have 2pr of the originals and a couple when they changed to speed laces. Never liked the speed laces as much as the eyelets.

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