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Ordinary Average Guy 19 October 2017 00:59

Baan Muay Thai in Lebanon, New Hampshire?
Anyone familiar with Baan Muay Thai in Lebanon, NH? Instructor is Mark Klemm.

Local 19 October 2017 03:04

Hes legit. Phone ate my post but he's a personal friend with more than ten years real Thai experience in the ring.

He is prior service as well.

Local 20 October 2017 02:47

just to circle back to this:

1. Kru Mark is an excellent fighter himself, but the true measure of a kru is his students. His students are excellent and have won fights and belts all over the North East.

2. He focuses on fitness for his fighters. You will do lots and lots of cardio. then more cardio.

3. He has champion male AND female fighters. I have never seen him turn down anyone that was willing to WORK. On the flip side I have never seen him put up with any of the prima dona's in the gym, the guys that just want to hang out, or the people that aren't really there to work. I remember one female that started out at the gym and no one wanted to work with her - but she showed up every day and worked hard. Eventually he took her under his wing and she was the best amature female thai fighter in the North east before long. Doomsday (UFC fighter from Boston) says about him: "Kru mark Klemm has the best Thai boxing in Massachusetts. He is still my number one sparring partner. He knows his Thai boxing inside and out. I'll give a testament to his Thai boxing -- John Howard approved!!! "

4. The most important thing for anyone thinking about training at a gym to do is take a trial lesson. Just remember that while on trial you will be treated with kid gloves. Soon as you sign up thats when they really start to beat on you ;-)

Ordinary Average Guy 26 October 2017 14:22

Thank you.

chokeu2 26 October 2017 15:52

Local is right. Small world. The guy who I call Kru knows of Kru Mark. All positives.

Ordinary Average Guy 28 November 2017 21:03

Really, really small world. I'm moving into a house that's literally about four blocks from this gym. Total coincidence.

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