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1RiserSlip 9 March 2018 11:37

What's up with the Turks? Other than they want to exterminate all Kurds.

First, they just wanted a little breathing space from Kurdish areas. Then they were warned by the US not to enter sectors where US troops are.

Now, Ergodan has said Turkish forces have surrounded Afrin and will next move on Manjib.

High possibility of a WORSE shooting war there.

Already have the US, Russians, Iran and their proxy's there, Syria govt forces, anti-government forces, Kurds and who knows who else.

Sounds like a big game of Risk with everyone rolling the dice to attack Syria.

This is a high stakes game here folks.Then there is the Israel factor. They have already hit one Iranian base there. Satellite photos shows another in construction.

One small fuck up and this does turn into a game of Risk and I don't see Turkey supporting NATO, rather aligning itself with Russia.

1RiserSlip 9 March 2018 11:43


I just noticed a thread of the same subject in the Terrorism thread.

You can kill this thread and I will post over there.

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