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SATCOM 11 January 2011 13:34

Any current USMC JTACs (Combat Hunter grads) in here?

STOIC1 12 January 2011 03:16

There are a few USMC JTAC's and SOTAC's but they'll be up in the Recon section.

VMI_Marine 19 January 2011 23:07

I think USMC_ANGLICO and I are the resident USMC JTACs around here. I've seen a few others pop in from time to time, but we're the ones who are most consistently around.

thecat0369 23 January 2011 19:33

I dropped SATCOM a message since I graduated from Combat Hunter right after he posted. Although, I am but a lowly JFO. :)

USMC_ANGLICO 5 April 2011 05:13

Have not had a chance to get to a Combat Hunter program yet. Unfortunately between USMCR and USG deployments, I haven't had the free time. I have taken a look at the program though and would really like to get to it. Those skills are not only pertinent to a JTAC, but for any operational Marine assigned to an ANGLICO unit in general.

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