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gags 27 June 2020 23:47

What drew you
Was it the thought of carrying a special weapon with a scope? The mission? or Gunny's or someone else book. When I went into the program Gunny's book had not be written he was only a story passed down to us from our instructors, the mission was something we only dreamed of in our minds as Vietnam and its legacy was hard to find fact based material and the lessons of Korea nd WWII were only able to be found in libraries and the internet had not been invented or at least Al Gore had not released it yet what drew you to becoming a Scout/Sniper or DM

Gumby2/6 28 June 2020 05:43

To be honest, my main motivation for going to the STA plt was to get out of Dragons. I had read the books as a kid and knew I wanted to do something "cool", but I had not yet zeroed in on exactly what. When I got out of SOI and went to the fleet, I arrived at 2/6 Dragons to find a platoon with one Sgt and a whole bunch of "senior" Lcpls who were bitter about a ridiculously high cutting score and were eager to take it out on the latest batch of boots. It was a pretty depressing scene and after a few months, I had made up my mind to take whichever indoc came first.. STA or Recon. Turns out that a few of my buddies from SOI had taken the STA indoc shortly after SOI and helped me train for mine. Making the decision to go to STA was the best decision of my time in the Corps.

DB8541 28 June 2020 11:58

The mission and being in a small team with really great dudes while doing the hard work most would not, or could not do. I really enjoyed the 2-4 man teams and the freedoms that went with that heavy responsibility.

Eyes, Ears and trigger finger for the BC in 1/1, 1/8, and 3/6 were the best jobs I ever had over 25 years. Mission accomplishment was not an option and making it happen with no excuses or compromise was always the standard.

Gumby2/6 28 June 2020 12:07

^^^ uhhh... yeah, that too :biggrin:

Gooch 7 July 2020 19:22

I was a machine-gunner and all I knew was we had a life span measured in seconds in a fire fight. Plus I wanted to see shaggy heads disappear into pink mists as a young child so I figured I would channel it constructively.

Plus... I just like a challenge..

Gsniper 7 July 2020 19:23

I wanted to wear a boonie hat and piss off the Sergeant Major a lot. I did a fair amount of each.

Gooch 7 July 2020 19:25

You and Starcluster (Sharkey)....

Gsniper 7 July 2020 19:26

I was the cap, he was the charge.

Gooch 7 July 2020 19:29

I ate popcorn and watched

CAP MARINE 17 August 2020 21:17

Found out today a friend of a friend, his son graduated #1 in SEAL sniper class. Very nice. I think the SR-25?? Rifle was his to keep?
He comes out of Bud/s class 3**

John Simpson 18 August 2020 11:59


Originally Posted by CAP MARINE (Post 1058877908)
Found out today a friend of a friend, his son graduated #1 in SEAL sniper class. Very nice. I think the SR-25?? Rifle was his to keep?
He comes out of Bud/s class 3**

Yeah, it wouldn't be SOCNET if someone didn't hijack a thread and go off on a tangent.:smile:

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