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hawkdrver 2 August 2016 14:38

Hacksaw ridge
Ran across this yesterday. Desmond Doss is a true hero in every sense of the word, hope the movie measures up. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

Gunk 3 August 2016 11:54

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Shadow 23 October 2016 20:17

For what it's worth, the reviews for this film are outstanding.

Opens 4 November, can't wait to see it.

Mars 23 October 2016 20:21

Every year around Veterans Day, TBN does a couple of two hour documentary specials on him. I have watched them for the past several years and never get tired of seeing them and hearing that Warrior's words.

From everything I have read and heard, the movie has been receiving outstanding reviews.

His story is one worth learning about!

jsmurphy 23 October 2016 21:14

I've been shooting press interviews the last two days and the buzz is really good about this film.

Flatbedder 9 November 2016 22:18

Hacksaw Ridge is an outstanding and remarkable movie.

Another fine example of a member of our nation's Greatest Generation.

Go see this movie, before it leaves the theaters.

RangerCharlie 10 November 2016 07:19

Amazing. Brought back 75 to live another day.

Crucible guy 10 November 2016 13:47

I saw the film and it is excellent. I would hope younger Americans would go see it to appreciate the reality of past generations. RIP and I am sure God blessed that man.

poison 10 November 2016 18:10

I can't fucking wait for this.

Ole crusty bastard 11 November 2016 16:43


Enjoyed very much.

Sigi 11 November 2016 17:37

I think I talked the wife into this - "Mama, it is not just a war movie, it is directed by Mel Gibson and the main character is a Christian, yada yada..."

"Oh it's a Christian movie. Okay then, I will see it."

hawkdrver 12 November 2016 04:02

Just got back from seeing it, it was as good as I had hoped. Really well done. Some of the battle scenes were tough to watch.

I thought I had posted this earlier, guess not...the link is to a documentary made several years ago on Desmond Doss.

Inspiring to say the least.

Shadow 12 November 2016 18:25


Originally Posted by Ole crusty bastard (Post 1058610230)



Originally Posted by hawkdrver (Post 1058610375)

...Some battle scenes were tough to watch...

The combat scenes were insane, right up there with "Saving Private Ryan" and "Hamburger Hill".

Well-done flick about an incredibly committed and courageous human being.

Rest in peace, Mr. Desmond.

Shadow 12 November 2016 19:42

^ I timed-out on the ability to edit; my post above should have read "Rest in peace, Mr. Doss."

Apologies for the brain-fart...

Tyr 15 November 2016 13:32

I took my 12 yr old daughter to see this. We both enjoyed watching this movie very much.

Another fine example of a member of our nation's Greatest Generation.
So true...

PV74RU78 15 November 2016 15:11

Mars - National Geographic
misplaced post

Gunk 15 November 2016 19:14

Watched this over weekend. Excellent movie.
Desmond Doss was quite a man. Amazing.

jw 17 November 2016 07:06

Saw it with my son on Sunday. Great story.

xfrogTX 17 November 2016 08:45

I am always impressed with men who never compromise their convictions. A model for any man.

bobmueller 23 November 2016 23:32

Wife and I had date night tonight. I suggested Fantastic Beasts or this one. She chose this one.

I was impressed, both by her choice and by the movie. Several nice startles. I thought the combat scenes were more intense than in Saving Private Ryan.

Learned from reading History vs Hollywood that Doss was actually one of the ones who helped climb and place the original cargo nets.

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