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bobmueller 10 June 2019 17:10

Staff Sgt. David G. Bellavia
SSG Bellavia will receive the Medal of Honor 25 June at the White House for his heroism during the second battle of Fallujah on 10 November 2004, making him the first living Medal of Honor recipient for the Iraq War.

SSG Bellavia, then serving with A Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment,1st Infantry Division, was clearing a block of houses when his platoon became pinned down by enemy fire.

[URL=""]His Silver Star citation for the same action[/URL]


Well done, sir.

Mars 10 June 2019 17:14

Well done, Warrior!

82Redleg 10 June 2019 21:23

His interview with an oral historian from Leavenworth is posted:

I haven't seen Dave since high school, but we've kept lightly in touch. He's a good dude!

Top0321 10 June 2019 23:03

Thanks for the link Redleg, good story.

agonyea 11 June 2019 06:58

If you read the full citation of the incident you will be impressed.
I will try and find it and post it here.

KillRoy 13 June 2019 10:30

Here is SSG Bellvia's book about his time in Iraq and Fallujah. It is an impressive read to say the least.

specat93 22 June 2019 13:40

If you have Netflix, check out the documentary "Only the Dead."

At around the 38:00 remaining mark, the documentary shows the insurgents that Bellavia killed in the house being brought out. The journalist (Michael Ware) was imbedded with 1st ID during the Battle of Fallujah. Doc also shows footage of some of the other soldiers mentioned in Bellavia's book.

That dude has big, brass balls.

CAP MARINE 26 June 2019 17:25

Ok, we all need to buy Gerber Applegate folders.

10thvet 28 June 2019 08:19

[QUOTE=CAP MARINE;1058801852]Ok, we all need to buy Gerber Applegate folders.[/QUOTE]

Watched an interview with SSG Bellavia this morning on Fox and Friends. The interview was great and humbling. When he talked about this generation warriors... I was humbled even more.

In Italy, that knife was common among Jumpmasters. Thought about buying one but never pulled the trigger.

Dangerous 28 June 2019 09:08

[QUOTE=CAP MARINE;1058801852]Ok, we all need to buy Gerber Applegate folders.[/QUOTE]

I have two of the Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn spring-assisted opening. Always carry one (when legal) and have the other if I need it due to loss/breakage (in the drawer).

Hopeless Civilian 28 June 2019 11:53

Men like SSG Bellavia make me proud to be an American!

RN47 28 June 2019 18:44

His speech is worth listening to. I’d like to have the transcript— nothing short of sublime.


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