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garyr 22 August 2012 21:22

Hey folks the season is a few days away. What are you doing to get ready? So far I have done very little , did buy my tags today

Fixed the title for ya...;)

Crucible guy 22 August 2012 21:44

I bought my tags a few weeks ago so I could get an additional elk tag. I have been cardio-ing like crazy and went out to shoot my rifle the other day, of course I work within a few feet of the range so it wasn't a big production. My big worry is if /when we are awarded a task order, I might not get to go back to Wyoming to get it on. I left the horses there to wait for the season. I am getting the fever

Walken1 22 August 2012 22:04

Went to an SCI banquet a few days ago and literally stole some awesome hunts at auction.
Waiting til Sept to buy tags. Our tags run til the 31AUG.

This is the first year Texas is allowing suppressor usage for hunting, so I've been buying a few :biggrin:

Going to start hitting the hay bails with my bow to practice up.

garyr 22 August 2012 22:39

Define suppressor

garyr 22 August 2012 22:44

Oregon not even close to suppression , let alone mechanical broadheads, inline black powder, or any type of battery operated scopes the list goes on forever , for such a liberal state they sure are conservative about hunting

Medic09 22 August 2012 22:46

Making sure I don't wear anything in a color like blaze orange. In some places, that seems to increase the likelihood of getting shot. :eek:

And keeping the dogs close to hand, because my sled dog really resembles an elk, don't ya know. :rolleyes:

SOTB 22 August 2012 22:58

Not much prep.

But planning on nailing a deer in Oct.

Tags? We don't need no stinking tags....

mdwest 22 August 2012 23:25

Taking the 7mm and the .45-70 to the range on Saturday to confirm zero..

Planning on deer, boar, and maybe elk this year if time permits...

The Corporate Guy 22 August 2012 23:28

Weekly archery course...
Setting stands...
Weekly scattergun practice...
Running the dogs (more as it cools down)...
Prepping the truck (aka meat wagon)...
Being extra nice to the wife before the season starts...

Senior D 22 August 2012 23:56

Going for elk in about two weeks. Unfortunately, I partially tore my rotator cuff a few weeks ago. I currently cannot fire an arrow....but hey, hunting is all about getting outdoors and the experience right?:o

QTip 23 August 2012 01:44

Tags for both me and my son are in hand. The trailer is ready to be dragged up to the property. ATV's will be up next week. Still scouting the area. This is new land for us. So far we've seen a 6pt, an 8pt, lots of does, one coyote. A bobcat was seen on a trail cam and we've seen turkey and bear tracks.

And since it's the first time we'll be hunting in a rifle zone, I'm currently looking for one. I want to get a muzzleloader too.

Next week we head up to finalize stand/blind locations.

Very pumped to get in the woods this year.

MPCOA 23 August 2012 03:53

You all have fun and good luck

I'm just hoping to make it home in time to leave before pheasant season is over. Pretty much no hope for big game, unless you count GA hog.

leopardprey 23 August 2012 07:19

Getting the bow out and going to the range to start practicing. going to try to go at least 3x a week between now and 1 October when the season starts.

13F/COLT 23 August 2012 07:36

Started shooting my bow last week, honing about 25 arrows a night. Shoulder is sore this week. Getting camo out and dx'ing anything that did not keep me warm last year. Going to start scouting in a couple weeks when squirrel season starts. Checked zero on .25-06 couple weeks ago.

Walken1 23 August 2012 09:57


Originally Posted by garyr (Post 1058182920)
Define suppressor

Suppressor, silencer, can...whatever you want to call it. It's part of the reason the NFA wait times have jumped up. IIRC, Texas isn't the only state that allows it.

Brownsurccapt 23 August 2012 09:59

Going hog hunting in South Georgia Sept 8th with a few guys. Should be fun, going to Still hunt from a stand on Saturday and Sunday use the dogs and take a few, alive...

mdwest 23 August 2012 10:09

forgot to mention my single biggest prep activity this year..

HH6 and I are buying a chunk of very nice land in south central colorado (working through the details now) that is teaming with game...

Walken1 23 August 2012 10:44


Originally Posted by mdwest (Post 1058183150)
forgot to mention my single biggest prep activity this year..

HH6 and I are buying a chunk of very nice land in south central colorado (working through the details now) that is teaming with game...

Awesome and congrats!!!

That is part of my 20 year plan. I'd love to buy some property out there. Beautiful country.

pavegnr 23 August 2012 11:03

Daughter and I shoot every afternoon for about an hour. Father/Daughter time.

CTA 23 August 2012 11:34

Belong to a hunt club up in south GA... 1st Dove hunt for the year is scheduled for next weekend but I'll be in Orlando celebrating my daughter's 10th birthday. Usually miss the first hunt or two due to her birthday and conflicting Florida State football schedule. I'll also line up some deer, quail and turkey hunts as the year progresses and seasons open up too. My daughter is stoked because she gets to hunt this year as well. Everyone: happy hunting and stay safe!

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