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Hoepoe 18 July 2018 01:19

Bay Area CovPro
**Post approved by SB**

Exciting opportunity for qualified candidates of all genders to join a new and interesting protective detail in the NorCal Bay Area. Candidates should be well traveled, have university or college bachelor degrees at minimum, perform well in high pressure situations and be physically fit. Prior government, military or law enforcement experience strongly desired. Experience in covert protection (CovPro) and/or surveillance detection is advantageous but not a disqualifier if absent. Motorcycle license is an advantage. Training will be provided to successful candidates. An extensive background check will be conducted on qualified candidates. Agent and Team Lead roles available. Please contact me at ivor[at]enablement[dot]biz IF you fit the above criteria. Ensure that the subject line includes "NorCal Bay Area CovPro Application July 2018 - SocNet".

Hoepoe 11 October 2018 12:30


This detail is expanding. Please EMAIL me as per above with subject line ""NorCal Bay Area CovPro Application October 2018 - SocNet" if you meet the requirements as per above. If the subject line is not as specified, you may not be considered as your email may get lost amongst many.

Motorcycle license is not a deciding factor.

For those that contacted me, I _think_ i got back to all of you, if i didn't i apologize BUT every resume I received with the correct subject line was forwarded for consideration.



pm410 12 October 2018 14:01

Is it a permanent position or a TDY. Curious for relocation purposes.

Hoepoe 12 October 2018 14:38


Originally Posted by pm410 (Post 1058754973)
Is it a permanent position or a TDY. Curious for relocation purposes.

Long term, not 1099.

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