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Spinner 23 June 2006 19:21

Re-reading The Arabists : The Romance of an American Elite by Robert D. Kaplan.

Good overview and background of how our policy toward the Middle East took shape over the course of a century. Written in 1995 and still relevant.

eltrane 23 June 2006 20:44

Just picked up "Clockwork Orange", a new US version with the 21st chapter included.

Max Power 13 January 2007 22:19

Digging up an oldie but its a good thread...

This semester beyond the usual textbooks, I'm reading The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas L. Friedman for my Finance class, just started it. Looks good so far. Along with The Wall Street Journal which I'm actually looking forward to because I've always wanted to, but never REALLY wanted to. The Finance prof. is promising to teach us the "right" way to do so, so it should be interesting.

And then there's Chaucer and selections from the first 3 volumes of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature for my British Lit before 1790 class.

Textbooks for Finance (Money, Financial Institutions, and Markets), Human Resource Management, Art Appreciation (with a teacher that loves modern "art", but she has a tatoo or two, so it may work out), Management Information Systems, and the ever popular FM 7-8 and ROTC TACSOP.

Savoy6 13 January 2007 22:43

Max - if you are enjoying Thomas Friedman's writing, suggest you pick up his book, "From Beirut to Jerusalem" (1989), which won the National Book Award for non-fiction in 1989, as your next read. It's good reading considering the amount of activity that occurs in that region and will give some good insight from his perspective of living there.

C-M-R 13 January 2007 22:52

Savoy is dead on about Friedman's Beirut to Jerusalem. I keep looking at The World is Flat and thinking I should buy it.

I like modern art and have no tattoos

Max Power 13 January 2007 23:26


Originally Posted by C-M-R
Savoy is dead on about Friedman's Beirut to Jerusalem. I keep looking at The World is Flat and thinking I should buy it.

I like modern art and have no tattoos

I'm planning on reading The World is Flat later on.

That's your own fault ;) I'll try to not hold it against you :D

CAP MARINE 13 January 2007 23:32

think i will pick up -we were one

Hopeless Civilian 14 January 2007 07:31

I've been working on two books with a common theme this week. "Warrior Soul" by Chuck Pfarrer, and "One Perfect Op" by Dennis Chalker with Kevin Dockery.

Fire-Gunner 14 January 2007 18:52

I'm reading a couple of Stephen Ambrose's books, Citizen Soldiers, about WWII, and Undaunted Courage, which is about Meriwether Lewis.

skirmishline 14 January 2007 20:48

The 13th Valley by John Del Vecchio. I read it about 15 years ago. It's worth another reading.

VikingPower 15 January 2007 12:15

Re-reading "Fighting Back", Rocky Bleier's biography. Motivational stuff. Whenever I feel like skipping a run because it's too cold out or too early, or if I don't feel like doing such and such, I'll remember back when he was recovering from his wounds in Vietnam to try to play for the Steelers once again. He could barely run two blocks before he would fall to the ground in pain, half-crawling home, blood oozing out of his sneaker, just to go and do it again the very next day.

LongDog 17 January 2007 21:16

"Licensed to Kill" - Robert Young Pelton

About the role of contractors in IRAQ

Savoy6 17 January 2007 22:47

Fire-Gunner: Undaunted Courage is a great read. Reading about our Father's trek across our great nation is the best there is. Hopefully your journeys will bring you across the path they took in the future. Enjoy.

B 2/75 17 January 2007 23:09

Eltrane... it's been six months, so what did you think about A Clockwork Orange?

I've got a copy of "The Dirty Dozen" in the works. 1/3 the way in and it is totally different from the movie. Hell, they haven't even started training yet, and in the movie they were outta prison and climbing cargo nets within 10 minutes...

jsmurphy 18 January 2007 16:24

Just picked up another copy of "Gates of Fire" so I can finish it.

My son took my other one to Scout camp last Summer and I haven't seen it since...:rolleyes:

Argyll 50 19 January 2007 21:30

Roughneck 91.....very good reading so far...

DY 6 February 2007 07:12

An Imperfect Lens by Anne Roiphe: Fiction based on historical facts of the cholera epidemic in Alexandria circa 1883. Good.

Bones Of The Master by Beorge Crane: Tsung Sia, a Bhuddist monk fled Communist China in 1959, then returned decades later. Amazing man. Outstanding Book

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver: Fiction based on her life as a Baptist Missionary to the Congo. A good description of how Christians manage to wreak havoc wherever they go. Very intriuging.

Greenhat 6 February 2007 07:44

The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World
by Eric Shawn

Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley

The Ghurkas by John Parker

MikeC2W 6 February 2007 08:38

Just picked up To The Last Man by Jeff Shaara, 'bout 200 pages into it.

Anyone read any of his stuff?

Jimbo 6 February 2007 09:29

Pamwe Chete
National Security Law
Foreign Relations and National Security Law
On Combat
Financial Times

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