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nici13 29 January 2008 19:05

my name is nicole and my bboyfriend is in basic right now, he is then going on to pararescue indoctrination. I know nothing about the military and don't really know who to talk too. thought I'd join up here and get some feedback from people who are doing the job..

Fergie 29 January 2008 19:57

Greetings. I served in B 1/9 back in the 80's under the command of the intrepid RJ Coates. I come to this site frequently to get a fix of the unfiltered banter that defined my time in the Corps. Although my dive socks all have holes in them and polypro is rotten, the experience to work with some of the finest men that I have ever met has stayed with me. Semper Fi. Fergie.

chrisldixon 30 January 2008 17:26

My name is chris dixon
i am leaving asap for a CCT or PJ job. what ever comes first.
im am from Maine

Leftenant 31 January 2008 06:03

Hey everyone, i'm a Army Ordnance 1LT currently in Iraq for the second time. I did a little, but really insignificant, time enlisted in the reserves.

I just recently put my packet in for PSYOP and so now i'm doing a little self education. This will probably be my last post until I've read older threads.

I'm looking forward to gaining knowledge from yours.

Balls 31 January 2008 15:36

Semper Fi
Hello gentlemen,

I have found this website to be an invaluable tool for research and networking and would like to introduce myself.

My name is Dave, I served four years in the Marine Corps. Started off with Alpha Co. "RAIDERS" 1stBN 4thMAR and deployed to Iraq for OIF II/III attached to the 11th MEU. Highlight of the deployment was being the lead element for operations to capture Al-Sadr in Najaf and the surrounding cemetery. Second deployment was with 11th MEU Maritime Special Purpose Force (M.S.P.F). No spectacular fights that time around but I did get to see the world. My goal is to become an 18D.

I am currently looking for recruiters with Dyncorp or Triple Canopy and hope to attend the operators course and head downrange ASAP. Any info on contacts Please PM me.

Thank you and Semper Fi.

".....he who shed blood with me shall forever be my brother..."

armymom1228 31 January 2008 18:29

HI am an army mom, just looking to lurk and if the occasion merits and my input is worth posting.. I shall, but in the meantime just wish to lurk and enjoy the company.

Morpheus32 31 January 2008 19:38

21 Years Cdn Army. Now retired. Work in the middle east doing private security work.



murphy744 31 January 2008 23:32

Just retired after 23 yrs (Army). Spent time in SF. Was a former NCO that jumped the fence to OCS..

B/2/10 - 88-92 (18E)
SWC - 93-96 (18E Instructor)
A/2/7 - 02-04 (Detachment CDR)

Great Site!!!!

ravenshield936 1 February 2008 01:46

hi guys
im a civilian, but been interested in the military since grade 4
im currently 20, and have thought about joining the CF
my primary focus was the air force, but these couple years, my interests in the SOF grew
though i know quite a bit for a normal civie my age, but im nothing compared with the professionals here
i'll have lots to learn with everyone here.

Fire-Gunner 1 February 2008 02:58


Originally Posted by USMC_ANGLICO
Would like to thank IMUA and GERRYERIC two BTDT guys for showing me the SOCNET community. Current SSgt in 4th ANGLICO, MARFORRES, deployed with 5th and 10th SFG(A) during OIF II/III as a FCT Tm Chief and instructor with my two brother listed above. Spent some time running the same roads of Baghdad as my brother Kato for TC and was a SWAT-Medic in Florida prior to that. Wanted to say thank you for having a community like this, it is a priviledge to be here. FTM-PTB-EGH-DTRT-KTF

Welcome, FOOL! :D

hscs 1 February 2008 15:59

2 years with HSC-84/HCS-4 as a flight lead in OIF.

Working Man 1 February 2008 16:00

New member, 13 yrs AD Navy, some NSW support experience. Been around a little bit, no sandbox time yet.

trombapiccola 1 February 2008 21:42

Hi All, thanks for accepting me on the board. I served in the MC with 2/25 and MAG 42. I've been out for 2 years, and I miss it! Semper Fi

Jason0321 3 February 2008 21:34

Hey gents,
My name is Jason. Former Marine with 3/4, 3rd recon, and 5th Force. Been a sheriffs deputy and worked with BW in Mosul in 05/06. Been running my own thing in the midwest since then, but I'm headed back to the box ASAP. I've been a visitor to the site for a while but wanted to bring it out into the open and let everyone know I'm looking.
My call sign with BW is Oz for anyone who wants to vet me. Glad to be a part and looking forward to doing some good networking.

jlm99 4 February 2008 03:58

Checking back in
Not sure I properly introduced myself when I first joined way back when, so thought I would catch up on my ettiquet now.
I'm retired Army, Nam vet (101st). Finished my last contract end of June at the Embassy in Kabul where I was a shift supervisor, and later Site Trainer.
Didn't like the contract offer Armor Group made when they won the contract, so decided to take a break.
Am a lurker, so don't post much, but I hope to start networking again as I am now contract hunting.

Best regards,

RGR ScS 4 February 2008 22:13

1st Post
Hello to everyone and nice to be a part of the community. I was in C Co 1/75 from July 2000-Dec 2006. RS class 05-01. Been a part of OEF and OIF along with all the good regimental training that goes in between the deployments. Was an 11b3v when I got out in 06. Currently residing on the west coast so I do miss the smell of the swamp and paper mills in Savannah, but gotta go where the job hunt takes ya. Again, thanks for lettin me tag along and i'll catch everyone later.

cuda-dude 5 February 2008 00:21

First Post

I served in ARNG from 87-98. in a variety of MOS's. Primarily 11B. I hold 95B MOS also. Favorite job was LRSD team member with Det 1, 1/158th CAV(ABN), 29th ID MDARNG. I participated with 48th Brigade during Desert Sheild/Desert Storm. At the time, we completed what was the longest NTC rotation on record. 68 days in the Mojave during winter. That was a suckfest. Ground war ended so fast we never made the trip over. I commissioned TX ARNG OCS in AUG 95. Resigned in OCT 98.

I did some work for Olive Group after Hurricane Katrina and met some great guys that got me in tune with my former self. I am exploring getting into the PMC field.

harry131 5 February 2008 00:27

Hi all,
I'm former Australian Army (5years), surveillance operator in Royal Australian Artillery. I now work as a protection officer with Australian Federal Police. Also have worked in civilian security since 1998. Looking to get my first gig in sand pit. Hopefully this site will give me all the advice in tips i need. Getting foot in the door is the hardest part.

TwoGuns 5 February 2008 05:29

Just joining the forum...
Thought I'd check this forum out. Just got back from LV, NV @ the SHOT convention. Had the opportunity to reconnect with some old/and new Hooah's out there. Hoping to find the same here.


Paddle 5 February 2008 11:53

Current Super Hornet WSO and FNG. Just doing some reading and professional development.

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