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Gez6 26 December 2007 15:22

Hi guys,
I'm Gez, I havent had any military experience yet but am hoping to join 4RAR sometime next year, I would be glad for any information anyone has on getting in.

hopeless 27 December 2007 09:53

Thanks for the invite to join this auspicious forum. I have been lurking for several years, and have only recently had something worth saying and missed my opportunity because I hadn't joined yet.
I am an ARMY comms guy proud and happy to have done my small part in the armed forces even as a REMF.
I am currently working in Iraq. I never realized I missed being around these type of personalities, since I left the military, but regular civilians just aren't the kind of people I like hangging or working around. Still have some of the stupid things I left the military because of but the money and some of the people I have met (non REMFs) have made it worth staying in and more enjoyable.
Most of the people on this Forum are like the people I prefer to be around and I appreciate the opportunity to be here. Thanks, hopeless/snow

jochen 27 December 2007 10:20


I am currently a police officer in Boston ma. Thank you for adding me to the board.

Archlute12 27 December 2007 17:05


C co 3/75 FIST from '93-'95. I'm over on under a different screen name, but have been thinking about returning as an O via OCS after a substantial break in service, and wanted to get some more info over here regarding selection and junk. I realize that I'll have to wait until I reach 1LT(P) to go to before the board, but that's no reason not to read up in the meanwhile. Thanks.

sgthappypants 27 December 2007 22:03

First Post
Active Duty 2001-2004 Fort Campbell, KY 3 BDE Infantry Team Leader. Got out joined the CA National Guard to do a Medical job on a try one enlistment. They found me sent me back to Iraq as an Infantry Team Leader , so one year turned into two years. Now I go to school. Anything else you want to know just do a head and ask.

T-Dog 28 December 2007 00:55

Greetings everyone,

I registered a while back, but never posted. I'm prior USAF CW. Been a civilian for 11 years or so. Where'd the freakin' time go?

Anyhow, I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year.


rafterman666 28 December 2007 09:09

I am an 11B in the 82nd. Currenystly supporting OIF. Wife and 2 boys.

Koz 28 December 2007 10:36

Current 18D
Active with the 1st

tj286 28 December 2007 18:49

I'm in my first year of college majoring in Business Administration. I will be enlisting in the Navy within the next year or two and figured this is a good place to soak up some information. I appreciate everybody's time here and I'll make sure to search before I ask. Thanks.

KidA 28 December 2007 19:15

Welcome to the site guys.

Keep those feet and knees together 82d.

QuietWriter 29 December 2007 06:03

A civilian, I'm honoured to be on this site. The amazing people here are a credit to every branch of service. I don't have much to say on any subject but I enjoy the lively minds that do. To both the Vets and active duty folks, thank you for your service.

river rat 29 December 2007 10:13

Hello All,
Names Aaron, Bco 3/75 from Dec 2001- Aug 2004. 2x OIF 2x OEF
Later Bye, RLTW

jogara 30 December 2007 11:21

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jesse (SB2) - did first tour at SBT-20 then spent 1.5 years as a civilian. Re-enlisting with orders for 22 hope to see you guys down south soon.

glove221 30 December 2007 19:32

Hello all
My name is Tim, thanks for adding me to the forum. I am intersted in attending selection and just wanted to find out from those who know best about the life and process. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll learn alot.

dbarnesjr22 30 December 2007 21:24

Thanks for admitting me. I served the past three years in the 82nd ABN DIV. Before this I was in training for two years. For the past 12 months I've been living in an old four story mall in NE Baghdad. Five years time in service in March.

Love my job.

Jaeger1980 30 December 2007 23:33

Thank you for allowing me to be a guest in your outstanding forum. I'm impressed by the information it has to offer as well as the attitudes of you professionals.
I'm a 27 y/o german with great admiration for SOF. I served in the Bundeswehr as an enlisted man.


Lefty6 31 December 2007 00:50

Hey all, after lurking about the passed few months, I am happy to be a part of this forum. Spent 6 years in the Marine Corps as a LAAD Officer. Was fortunate enough to run convoy security and PSD. Doing contract work now. Thanks for adding me.

alpha2bravo 31 December 2007 11:11

Howdy gents, I probably won't be posting up all that much here, I'll stay in my lane. I'm an 0311, OIF vet, no recon/STA time, just a run of the mill doorkicker here to learn.

hannon4you 31 December 2007 12:44

New Guy hannon4you
Ohio National Guard 1955-1958
US Army SF Active Duty 1963-1975 (10th-5th Groups)
US Army Reserves SF 1986-1994 (12th Group)

JEU 31 December 2007 14:23

Greetings to all.

Active Army for 9.5 years - 35 and 18 series (INSCOM and B/2/3). Have been working in the security industry since November 03. Am currently working in CONUS.

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