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doc5339 31 December 2007 15:53

Currently a construction project manager, looking to get back in the mix.

2003-2004 PMC with Cochise OIF

2001-2002 EOD Diver Mobilized to Operation Enduring Freedom EODMU8

1997-2001 EOD Diver EODMU12

1995-1997 Flight Deck Corpsman USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3)

1993-1995 Platoon Corpsman Infantry Officer's Course MCB Quantico

J-R.C. 31 December 2007 21:18

Seeking information about my Fathers Navy service
I am currently seeking infromation about my dads Navy service. He has told me some stories but I would like to fully understand what his missions were.

PhilipmeII 1 January 2008 03:49

Hello, my name's Phil. I'm a business apprentice from Atlanta, but the life's dull. So, hopefully I'll be joining the Navy as soon as possible.

Gunteach 1 January 2008 04:23

First Post
Hello All,

Thanks to the administrators for allowing me to register and join in. Navy kid here, grew up with Dad who was a CMC with 41 years in total. He went in when he was 16, and kept the uniform on until he died, extending his service by working with Sea Cadets after retirement. I personally did not go the military route for a number of family reasons, but became a cop 27 years ago and also worked as an inner-city paramedic/flight medic/trainer etc. I've been fortunate enough to work with public safety agencies and some paramilitary units, mostly as a trainer/consultant in the Middle East, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. I've also been lucky enough to work protection details for some fairly recognizeable public figures. Now I spend about two thirds of my time in the US and the rest in the Philippines where I have a family, including a son who just turned a year old at Christmas. He's already into lights and sirens and loves playing with my badge, so he's never going to be rich I fear.

I operate a training school stateside that does firearms and protection training, and work part-time as a fully sworn LEO in a Virginia police department. I'm adjunct faculty in a police academy as well, and I'm also doing some work along the same lines in Manila right now. Since the lines between security, police, and military have become increasingly blurred since 9/11, I'm here to get a better understanding of how others do and view their jobs. I'm not a military "wannabee", nor do I pretend to fully understand everything that goes on or is discussed here, but I would like to learn more to supplement my police and security experience. I hope you will tolerate a few newbie questions. If there is anything I can answer from the public safety side, I'm happy to help.

Although my service has been in another series of uniforms, I think to some degree it still features the same bad hours, bad pay, bad coffee and bad boys as many of you in the military have had to deal with. Like others have posted here, I am profoundly grateful for your service.


OS3 1 January 2008 10:27

First post, and thanks for accepting me into your community. I served on the USS Peleliu from 1990-1993 as an Operations Specialist. Did work with Amphibious Group 3. I have been out of the military since May of `93 and work in motorsports. I'm here to read and learn as usual. Thanks.

Sixgun Symphony 1 January 2008 16:22

Hello everyone,

Iíve been a long time lurker and really enjoy this site! Incredible insights and knowledge to be learned!

A little about myself Iíve been in the Army now for a little over two years, Iím an Infantryman serving with 1-5 CAV, 1st CAV. Really liked my fist few years in the Army thus far probably going to re-enlist soon, with a few different duty stations Iíd like to serve at in mind. Iím on my way out of Iraq shortly, just wrapping up a 15 month tour.

I wont take anymore of your timeÖJust checking in.

Always Jolly 1 January 2008 17:01

Greetings all,

I'm a soon to be retired 23 year USAF CSAR/AFSOC helo driver. HH-1H, CH/HH-3E, and MH/HH-60's.

Det 4, 37th ARRS, '86-'87
71st ARS, '87-'91
129th RQS, '91-present.

Thanks for this excellent forum!

plunker33 1 January 2008 17:09

Hey from Canada....
Hi I,m 39 yr old Canadian male civilian, after lurking here and a few other forums I decided to post and ask for a bit of assistance from this forum. If a mod would care to PM me, I will elaborate. In a nutshell it has to do with a lying !@#$-bag that took my friend on a financial and emotional nightmare. Thanks in advance,

dose 2 January 2008 15:04

Hello everyone,

I signed my nuclear power contract for the navy a couple months ago and have since been training to pass the PST for either SEAL or SWCC. My ship date to RTC is at the end of May so I'm just trying to glean as much information about the community I'm working to join as I can before I leave. I've lurked here for a few months and will continue to do so until I leave. I'm a twenty one year old with two years of college and absolutely no experience in anything that could contribute here, so you won't be seeing many posts from me. Thank you all for every piece of information you post here, it really does help people like myself prepare for what lies ahead. To all the BTDT guys posting here, thank you for your service and your contributions here!

tr8785 2 January 2008 15:15

Hey everyone,

I am a 37F Psyop Specialist in US Army Reserve
10th Psyop BN, St. Louis Mo.

ZGX 2 January 2008 23:54

Evening fellas, currently a cop in Oklahoma. Until June 2005 I was a machinegunner in the Marines. Got injured in training on my second deployment and was denied reenlistment (could have stayed as Admin, I so do not think so haha!). Having been a cop and proven I am physically sound, am pondering a try at returning to Active Duty so starting to get back to chat in the military communities.

Joe M 3 January 2008 02:29

I'm back
I just retired this past May after 25 years in the Army. Did just short of 10 enlisted, the rest commissioned. Spent some time in 10th (enlisted) and 5th (recent as a FG), and tried to be an aviator in between. Lessons learned: Enlisted is job satisfaction on the teams! WOs actually fly, O's write about it. Can't change the whole army no matter how hard you try--but ya sure as hell can change the corner you sit in:))

I found this place a couple of deployments ago...things got busy for a bit, and I forgot which email account I may have used to sign up that first time...

One thing I noticed: The moderators have cleaned up the redundant Q&A and the posts are generally more interesting for it! Kudos to all here for putting some great info online.

Thanks for having me back! And it sure is good to be back!

Simple11 3 January 2008 16:06

Currently a College Student:

Planning on going NAVSPECWAR after graduating. Here to learn more about the military.

bigv123 3 January 2008 16:31

38 year old prior service Navy man here ('88-'89). I currently work as a computer engineer in Austin, Tx. But, I currently have designs on re-enlisting in the Navy and taking a shot at BUD/S and becoming a SEAL.

Sean V.

maxsweat 3 January 2008 18:41

just a quick intro: I am a retired vetran having served in the USMC for 6 yrs (1968-1974), and in the USNavy 18 yrs (1983-2001). My background is military police mostly but as most know you get to see a lot of things over the long run. At 58 I am no longer a runner but throughout my service I was an avid jogger. My latest interest is black powder and particularly flintlocks. I have several other toys too. I look forward to getting to know y'all.

thrasher 3 January 2008 20:25

hello ive just finished my last test in EOD school and graduate on the 15th of this month after that im heading to the 704th EOD co. in Ft. Hood TX. I,ve only been in the army 2 yrs and am looking foward to learning new skills in my remaining time in the military ( however long that may be ) and gaining advice and expertise in my job field from anyone on this site

Thank You

Solo1st 3 January 2008 21:39

17 year Firefighter / Medic. Worked for a few flight programs, was active in and tought technical rescue for my dept for 15 years, 2 years ago switched over to our tacmed team to support county SWAT. Been trying to learn a whole new skillset as fast as i can. Sites like this have helped a lot, thank you.

I'll be lurking the Medical forum.

derian 4 January 2008 02:40

No prior service myself. My dad has served just shy of 20 years (so far) as a Huey then Blackhawk pilot in the Army National Guard here.

I currently work in systems administration, but am planning on enlisting in the Air Force for Pararescue. I don't anticipate much posting from myself here, but I figured I should register and introduce myself as it's been a great bit of knowledge so far.

lakota574 4 January 2008 05:23

served in 82nd and 5th grp. 18E4PW8 , 1 each.

ChuckaZulu 4 January 2008 08:38

welcome to SOCNET lakota574

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