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1RiserSlip 2 October 2017 06:41

64 y/o Stephen Paddock = shooter

edd1e22 2 October 2017 06:43


Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike (Post 1058675387)
Yeah, this is going to be some shit. S/F....Ken M

shooter has been named as a Stephen Paddock

iraqgunz 2 October 2017 06:48

I saw this as it was breaking. Unfuckingbelievable.

edd1e22 2 October 2017 06:51

Video of gun fire right underneath

Sounds like shooter had some kind of bump fire device as the cyclic rate changes

Chimo 2 October 2017 06:54

So if the accounts are accurate, a liberal opened fire on innocent people at a country music concert.

I'm sure this will get spun into a good democrat was targeting a hillbilly neo-nazi gathering. Curious what ties these idiots have with Antifa or other leftist organizations.

EchoFiveMike 2 October 2017 06:55

Have they released any info on the relationship to Marilou Danley? S/F....Ken M

EchoFiveMike 2 October 2017 06:58

Larger than 30rd magazines also. Almost sounds like one of those stupid hand cranked trigger flipper deals, as it speeds up and slows down as you turn it. S/F....Ken M

osubuckeye762 2 October 2017 06:59


I was walking across the lobby of the hotel I heard the Today show reporters talking. I looked at my watch and thought it was weird since it was so early.

I was just catching up on what happened in France and Canada when this occurred.

Senseless violence.
A long night and a day ahead for LVPD, Crime scene and medical personnel.

Prayers out to all involved.

Chimo 2 October 2017 07:12


Originally Posted by EchoFiveMike (Post 1058675396)
Have they released any info on the relationship to Marilou Danley? S/F....Ken M

Sheriff is saying they are roommates and they found her gaming card in the hotel room he attacked from.

Also reports of a woman yelling at concert goers telling them they will all be dead in 45 minutes. Curious to see if Danley matches that description of that woman.

1RiserSlip 2 October 2017 07:13


Originally Posted by edd1e22 (Post 1058675394)
Video of gun fire right underneath

Sounds like shooter had some kind of bump fire device as the cyclic rate changes

I picked that up too. Reminded me of a M60 that had a dirty piston or a headspace problem. I'm not saying that was the weapon used.

1RiserSlip 2 October 2017 07:16

BTW. Kudos to the LEO's there. That fucker was killed about as fast as possible given the circumstances.

Gsniper 2 October 2017 07:26

Guys, lets keep a lid on the party affiliation and shit like that till some solid information comes in.

Good on the cops for getting on this guy quickly. Could have been a lot worse.

57Medic 2 October 2017 07:30

Prayers to the fallen, and their families.

Justaclerk 2 October 2017 07:34

Rest In Peace to the fallen, speedy recovery to the injured. Thank you to all the first responders including LE, EMT, fire and rescue and the hospital medical professionals and staff. Also, thank you to all the civilians, who reacted to the tragedy as heroes as the events unfolded.

Chucko 2 October 2017 07:36

In a mob like that with fire reigning down, how in the world do you get away from the target zone? I really feel for those victims.

Mingo Kane 2 October 2017 07:43

I don't think the narrative on this act is going to be good...

Headhunter1965 2 October 2017 07:47


RGR.Montcalm 2 October 2017 07:50

2 of the victims were off duty police officers, not sure if they were killed in the concert area or responding to the shooter.

News talking about 'drum type magazine' based on number of rounds fired in the amount of time the shooting occurred. Fox has a 'former Green Beret commander' talking about how quick magazine changes take 'a lot of training' and curious about his background/ training.

Better start loading up on 30 round mags again- watch the price spike like it did before...

The casualty count could go up since people were doing the 'throw the victim into a car and drive to the hospital' thing.

Prayers out for the fallen and the wounded. God help us all...

redhawk 2 October 2017 07:51

Fucking horrific. I think Iíll just turn off the news and social media for 24 hours.

Good on those that took him down quickly.
RIP to the dead.

Ole crusty bastard 2 October 2017 07:52


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