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Frenchie 13 January 2001 16:19

I just finished Bravo Two Zero and man those guys are some tough shits! Hail the SAS. And I agree with the last sentence that Andy writes. I actually might be a bit more harsh though. Once again HOLY SHIT!!!!

Huey One Four 13 January 2001 20:16

dont beleive everything you read.

JStarz 14 January 2001 00:13

Don't believe everything you read, but no doubt the SAS are some of the toughest operators out there! Who dares, wins!

The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in combat

Frenchie 14 January 2001 01:43

Well the amazing aren't stuff that is super human or anything its just how they held out the whole time and the conditions they had to survive in. Actually on that note right after finishing Bravo Two Zero I started The Commandos: The Inside Story of America's Secret Soldiers by Douglas C. Waller. And I saw something I wanted to ask you guys about. In the starting of the book it kinda just covers what SF are and stuff. Then on page 22 it says and I'm quoting "...but American generals have long detested the notion of having them in their armies." It also says other stuff of how SF have been shunned and stuff. This question is aimed at the Yanks is this true? Do the generals hate SF?

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Huey One Four 14 January 2001 04:01

well, Swarwtzkoph(sp?) loved them in the gulf, maybe the books referying to the 50s-60s period when SF was a pretty much an unproven method to the americans.

Enfield 14 January 2001 06:14

Frenchie - as I recall from The Commandos (excellent book), it said US generals didn't like SOF because of their reputation from Vietnam, from their perceived lone-wolf individualism, and the extreme cost of maintaining an SOF unit as comapared to other larger regular units. Generals doubted their usefulness in war.

And Schawrskopf dind't like SOF at the beginning of the war - hence it was British SAS/SBS that entered the war first under the British force commander. By the end of the war though, I believe his opinion had changed.

In regards to B20 - like was said above, don't believe everything you read. It's been stated on this board before that it is not a truly accurate description of what happened. But still a good book. For further reading, I recommend: First Into Action by Duncan Falconer (about the SBS), and Close Quarters Battle by Mike Curtis. For the Canadian military (hey, your Canadian, can't hurt to learn) try The Sharp End by James Davis.

And to answer your other post on here... The "special Rangers" are the 75th Ranger Regiment.


Frenchie 14 January 2001 16:57

Just wanted to ask something Enfield I just wanted to know what are you exactly?

Enfield 15 January 2001 04:02

Hey Frenchie,

I'm a university student and Army Reservist (Infantry), Why?


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