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John Giduck Dubious Claims and Frivolous Lawsuit Threats

John Giduck and Archangel Group have threatened SOCNET and the membership with a lawsuit for utilizing our freedom of expression and posting our opinions about John Giduck.

This is a classic template utilized by every person we have ever ferreted out for being fast and loose with their biographical data.

The initial threats came in from a Colorado law firm which claimed to represent John Giduck and Archangel a few months ago. They demanded the referenced threads be taken down and that SOCNET disclose the names of all members who posted and all the Administrators so that they could be named as defendants in a lawsuit. Their request was rejected and they were referred to terms of usage which stated they were more than welcome to get a subpoena if they thought they had a case.

Their claims were based on the idea that we posted defamatory statements about John Giduck and attempted to overtly cause Archangel Group to lose business. None of that is true. We know that the truth is an affirmative defense against defamation. A tongue in cheek quip about why someone didn’t show up to a seminar doesn’t rise to the level of trying to keep a company or individual from earning a living either.

John Giduck has followed this up by sending letters and having people called and given threats of “lawsuits”, and even “federal crimes”. His business partner John “Andy” Anderson, a retired SF SGM, even sent out emails stating they were suing and directly attacked retired and still serving SF soldiers with a diatribe woefully lacking in factual content and coherence. John “Andy” Anderson served honorably, but apparently has sold his honor and ethics since he is more than willing to attack men that he should be calling Brother over a civilian having his credentials questioned.

John Meyer, another man who served honorably in SF, current president of the Special Operations Association, apparently also forgot what honor means and is comfortable with using his position to side with Giduck over current and retired Special Forces NCO’s and Officers. He has assisted John Giduck by apparently disclosing private information about members of the SOA in order to allow Giduck to mail out threats to them. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence he wrote a nice foreword pitch for Giducks new book… The honorable warriors who are members of the SOA would be well served to investigate Meyers relationship with Giduck and how he involved the SOA.

Some female named “Sherri” calling from 720-935-1967 has been calling people and asking if they are SOCNET members and telling them they have a lawsuit. Curious why she is using a pay as you go number, though…

This is like an ass clown parade. Are they really so stupid that they think they can intimidate people into giving up their right to free expression?

These are the threads that have their panties in a bunch-

A couple of important points bear repeating. We have a User Agreement. Giducks supporters violated it each time they registered. We asked them to debate the points. They refused and posted hyperbole and unsubstantiated claims. We didn’t delete posts to suppress anyone who supported him. We deleted the junk they posted that didn’t address the points. We still have those posts. We know exactly where and when each of those people registered from. We know they were very closely located to each other in Colorado. We know the person who registered with a .ru email and listed Russian as his location and “former Spetnaz Operator” was located in the exact same area in Colorado. We’re smarter than them.

Gidcuk and his followers appear to be under the impression that they can intimidate people who have done or are doing what he hasn’t or can’t. The operational experience of members of this site reaches back to the 1950’s up to the second these words are being read. Our vetted members are real and their reach and depth of experience, contacts and ability should not be taken lightly by anyone.

These men and women have done what Giduck hasn’t done. They have actually stepped into the breach and faced the enemy. Many know what it’s like to drop the hammer on an enemy of this Nation or to have the enemy drop the hammer on them or their buddies. Some are probably engaged in killing the enemy at this very moment. We have members who ran into the towers on 911 or crawled back into the Pentagon to help other Americans survive. Members have fought in every conflict, skirmish and special operation since Korea. We’re not going to sit idly by and allow someone who claims to have gone to some Russian Counter Terrorist training course threaten them or anyone else. Not one person outside of John Giducks circle can show proof of this. How weak would a Russian SMU be if it let a civilian, without any prior experience, attend the same training they put their specially screened and selected soldiers through? That doesn’t even past the laugh test.

We have reached into Russia and so far nothing has shown he attended anything other than an adventure camp. That’s right, an adventure camp. We even talked to the veterans group that is the legacy element of the unit that ran the training center. His defenders claim that you can’t just call up a Russian Special Forces unit and ask questions is laughable and lets them hide behind that fašade. We will drill down even more if needed and put boots on the ground in Russia to investigate.

Giduck has allowed promotional material to be published that either directly states he is a former Special Forces soldier or allows the reader to draw their own conclusions. As usual the defense is I didn’t know or some version of that. He even listed himself as “soldier” on his own website. Right now our Special Forces brethren are working a FOIA request to the NPRC to verify this claim. There’s only one way to make a Soldier and by all accounts Giduck has never attended entry level training, let alone anything else that would allow him to make this claim.

Giduck is an attorney. Attorney’s make their living by being exact and showing great attention to detail. This is taken directly from his site. Who’s he trying to fool?

"This is the story of an event almost too horrible to imagine. John Giduck has the credentials to write this book - he is not only a former Special forces soldier and expert on Russian history and culture, but he was on the ground in Beslan within hours of the assault. His book describes in great detail everything from the terrorist plan to the aftermath. Perhaps most valuable are the sections devoted to the minute by minute review of the assault. It is a story of great herrorism, bureaucratic ineptitude, and utmost savagery. Anyone in law enforcement will draw many lessons from this book. And we need to study this event in detail...there is nothing about Beslan that could not happen in any town or city in our country. That should give us pause."

So here’s the deal, John Giduck.

We’re not backing off the opinions posted that you wouldn’t be our go to guy for CT training. We’re not backing off the opinion that you have no tactical or operational background that would make you our go to guy for any advice on CT tactics, techniques or procedures. We’re not backing off the opinion that you have never carried arms in combat or any conflict and the only time you’ve seen the elephant is at the zoo or in a book or TV. We’re not backing off the fact that we are not intimidated by your threats of legal action and that opinion is protected as is our right to express ourselves. We’re more than confident that truth is an affirmative defense against false claims of defamation.

If you want to sue someone, sue away. If your claim doesn’t get laughed off the docket, we’ll relish having you deposed under oath and asked your exact background for the public record. We’ll enjoy requiring yours and Archangel’s books be opened to show the claimed financial damage you say we purposely caused and then demand your phone records, email and other documents to see how you, John Anderson, John Myer and others have colluded to try and discredit honorable men and women who dared to question your operational experience.

We know that you are only trying to intimidate and want money. We read your own email where you tell Anderson “That would be a nice, deep pocket to satisfy a judgment with.” when you think the author WEB Griffin is a member of this site.

After we destroy you in that frivolous case, we will immediately file suit on you and anyone else who decides they want to jump in and force us to give up our Rights. The same Right many of us have spent the majority of our adult lives defending; unlike you. In my opinion you’re nothing more than a dude who is trying to not so subtlety pass himself off as something he isn’t. You weren’t on our radar and brought this issue to where it is now. Go sniff Andy’s jock and leave us alone or man up and sue. That’s the line in the sand.