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Originally Posted by Walken1 View Post
Stumbled across this while trying to find a weightlifting roster with his name on it. There is some good background info here. It also claims he's a "soldier"...and "after leaving the Army...."

We can now add college professor and bullrider to the resume. Truly the most interesting man in the world. "I don't always tell lies, but when I do, I make sure theyre fucking preposterous"

His suggestions are a bit odd. Putting former SPECOPS personnel at every school?

ETA...Aside from all the bizarre bullshit on his resume, this guy is a kook. This article is nuts.
From that article it states:

Giduck has been a trial lawyer, a soldier, business owner, college professor, bull rider, national weightlifting champion, skydiver and scuba diving instructor.
After leaving the Army, he began doing an increasing amount of work in the Soviet Union and at the same time worked as a consulting contractor for the U.S. government, including the FBI, concerning Russian organized crime in this country.
He co-founded Foreign Threat Assessment Center that eventually became Archangel.
"To my knowledge there were no other non-profits out there doing what we could do and we decided to make a contribution," Giduck said in a telephone interview."
His 10 years' experience working, attending school and training with Special Forces and police in Russia gave him a perspective and access to important information and people that some others in the NGO group did not have.
In November 2002, Giduck became president of Archangel and is chief executive officer of the non-profit non-government organization that provides anti-terrorism consulting, training and related services to United States law enforcement, and military and governmental agencies.
He is a U.S. Army Special Forces hand-to-hand combat and firearms instructor, necessary attributes in his line of work, and has been inducted into several international martial arts halls of fame.
If he has served in the Army? Time will tell......

Stay safe.
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