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After you mentioned not being able to find anything on his weight lifting championship titles I started scouring the net for anything to substantiate his claims of being inducted in multiple International Martial Arts Halls of Fame and couldn't find a single document to support that.

What I did find seems to very much run along his usual modus operandi of purchasing his way to a title or into a distinguished association as he did here:

check out (John Giduck's school)

Both of the above schools are members of the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts. The founders being Vlad Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, and Oleg Taktarov with John Giduck being president of the organization (so expect a little bit of overlap in the information... Both are more sites for their respective schools than a site for the WFRMA as a whole)
Retrieved from:

The domain to his badass school has been parked since and has a smoking hot asian chick on a skype headset. Quite possibly the first positive thing I've seen in relation to Giduck since this started...
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