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Originally Posted by colmurph View Post
Do any of you think that Mary Schantag over at POW Network might be interested in this character? Any evidence that he was ever in the military? I'd laugh like hell if it turns out that he was a wheeled vehicle mechanic or something like that.
We know her very well and have assisted with a number of people who are on the poser wall of shame. Our SF brethern are working on the FOIA and when that hits, the other hammer will drop.

Additionally, everyone who has assisted in any manner with Giducks background claims will be named in a very exact manner publically.

On a related earlier point made about former chf of Chester PD, Chf Bail- we've discovered some very interesting financial documents that appear to indicate Giduck was a contributer to the Chester PD. It appears that he gave them a zodiac. We're still fleshing it out and will have all the details soon enough.

This could be completely innocent and noteworthy, but it seems to be something that should be disclosed if you are going to be a point man on verifying someones credentials when they are challenged. Unlike an earleir reporter, Ball can't marginalize us as being left wing or against the effort or incapable of checking with Russian SF.