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Ive been following this thread pretty well and I don't see this posted so I figured I would add it for those that want a little bit more background on the diatribe put out by Maj. Bail.

This is the original article that caused his response From the Washington monthly It is long, and Giduck is only mentioned in a small portion, though the entirety has to do with his "profession"

And this one From the investigative fund (not sure why) has Bails rebuttle and a response from the original Washington monthly authors.

Delete if this is a repeat (or unnecessary) but i dont think it is.
From the Washington monthly article:

Anderson states that Giduck does not come from a "military background:.

Anderson says that all of this has given Giduck a unique skillset. “He brings a lawyer’s
analytical mind to all of this. Combined with his time with the Russians, his experiences with
terrorists and elite units around the world, as well as the years he spent studying terror tactics and
events for his Ph.D., John has a very unique perspective and experiences in counter-terrorism,”
the retired Green Beret said. “His mind for unconventional tactics and terrorism is superior to the
vast majority of people I ever knew in 25 years in Special Forces.” Anderson adds: “This is why
units like CAG [the Delta Force as it’s known outside the military] have used John for training
and consulting. In some ways he is outside the box of even unconventional warfare units. This is
probably due to the fact that he does not come from a military background. In all my time in
Special Forces I was never allowed on their secure compound on Ft. Bragg. Yet John has been
there a number of times and has taken me to help him with his work. He took me; I didn’t take