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Originally Posted by FMedic View Post
Question, I believe I saw it before but I can't find it now, giduck is an honorary life member of SOA, correct? When did he receive that, does SOA do any pay for play? I don't have that knowledge but I figure one of you might.
Any where you see an association that has "honorary" memberships, it is pay for play 98% of the time. Usually folks that donate money or services frequently or are friends with the orgs officers. Usually those folks who donate like this suddenly become above reproach in the eyes of the officers of the association and the average members have no clue what is going on...

Case in point Giduck with the SOA and SF associations. Especially, Giduck who flaunts memberships as if he actually met the criteria to actually be a full member, yet he fully lacks any qualifications or experience to be a member. In his fantasy land, Giduck actually believes he meets the quals and is equal to those that actually served. He is the worst type of poser, and the officers of the association that allow him to perpetuate this fraud should be stripped of membership as well. The officers have failed in their fiduciary responsibility to the members at large.

I heard a Green Beret say once to a man that failed a highly demanding school, "It is still the individual effort, the ability to take one more step, and to understand that the pain of finishing is more intense, but finite, however the pain of quitting is unbearable..... and eternal.

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