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Originally Posted by Silverbullet View Post
The guy who started this thread is Dr Dick Castor.

This appears to be him.

Unless I'm missing something, he doesn't appear to have any operational or tactical counter terrorist qualifications other than being an associate of Giducks.

Here is what he wrote for Giducks new book-

Dr. Dick Caster
Former Executive Director of the National Association of School Resource Officers
Was just doing a people search for Giduck and ran across this:

Copyright 2011 Zoom Information, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Zoom People Information

April 2011

Mr. John Giduck

********** CAREER INFORMATION **********
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: President, Archangel Group
Chief Executive Officer, Archangel Group (Past)
Senior Consultant and Instructor, Archangel Group (Past)
Lifetime Member, Special Operations Association
Lifetime Executive Member, British Professional Bodyguard Association
Member of the Executive Advisory Board, American College of Homeland Security (Past)
Board Member, National Association of School Resource Officers (Past)
Member of the Executive Advisory Board, Police Magazine; Police Marksman magazine (Past)
I don't know exactly how Zoom complies their biographies but I believe they do so by crawling the visible web. Neither do I know how accurate they are because I don't frequently use them as a source of information.

It's possible that they're mistaken in indicating that Giduck was a Board member of the NASRO.

The obverse of that is that Mr. Giduck actually was a Board member and that that is how he and Mr. Caster became close enough that Caster would go to bat for him.

The NASRO provides no listing of former Borad members.

The following is a link to the current Executive Board:

95% of Board members are LEOs (from all over the country).

I considered reaching out to the NASRO myself to inquire as to whether or not Mr. Giduck actually was a Board member, and if so during which time period, and if he served during the same time period as Mr. Caster.

But I was afraid that the "thin blue line" being what it is there was a better chance that a LEO would recieve an answer.

Not saying that the NASRO would stonewall me, just that I figure there's a much better chance that, if they were going to stonewall anyone, it would be me as opposed to a fellow LEO.

Finally, I don't know if this is even information that you'd want or care about, but if you're willing to pull on any strings to see where they lead I figure I'd provide it.