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Of course, such a terrorist expert as John Patrick Giduck deserves more investigation. So I did.

Start with the fact that he was born in late 1959.
Let's progress:

Graduation from high school: 1959 + 18 years = 1977 more or less.
Graduation from college: 1977 + 4 years = 1981 more or less.
Graduation from law school: 1981 + 3 years = 1984 more or less.

That tracks very well with: Admitted to the Bar, State of Colorado May 29, 1985. His Colorado Bar Registration Number is 14609.
By the way, he is NOT in private practice and does NOT carry professional liability (malpractice) insurance, according to the Colorado Supreme Court web site.

Every address ever shown for John Patrick Giduck since approximately 1979 (college graduation) is in Colorado, usually in the Denver/Evergreen/ Aurora area, except for about one year (2010) in Dallas, TX. There is not a single address at any military base, not Ft. Bragg, Fort Benning, not Russia. For an international man of travel and education his address history is remarkably bland. No active duty, no Special Forces, no Ranger, etc. etc.

A check of the Colorado State Secretary of State Records discloses an active and unusual pattern of incorporation of businesses, followed by name changes, another incorporation, a declaration of non-profit status, then a change to "for profit" status, then dissolution of the corporation.
And every address ever shown on his Colorado Secretary of State filings reflect addresses in Colorado, consistent with his personal and business residences.

Go to the Secretary of State for Colorado, do a business search for the following business entities:

1991 KIDZ BEDZZZ, Inc. (true name Big Sur Waterbeds)

1991 Barnies Oak Barn, Inc. (true name Big Sur Waterbeds) [The notary for that document appears to be one Dora Chi!?]

1992 Proxima Corporation (doing business under the name "International Studies and Excursion Company, Inc." and also as "International Studies and Excursions, Inc.").

1999 The Systema Group, Inc.

2000 Russian Martial Arts Training Center, Ltd. (true name The Systema Group, Ltd.) Converted to "The World Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Ltd." in 2002 as a non-profit (Trade name withdrawn 2004).

2003 FORTAC, Inc. (Foreign Threat Assessment Center, Inc) (Dissolved 2008).

2006 International Anti-Terror Group, Ltd. (amended in 2008 to change name to "Archangel Group, Ltd.").

2009 Starka, Inc.

and so on.

And those are only the ones I have been able to find so far.



Went to college and law school in Colorado. Passed the Colorado bar. Started working with/for a waterbeds marketer. Went on an adventure trip to Russia. Founded a series of shell corporations with high-speed low-drag names. (Barnies Oak Barn Foreign Threat Assessment Center probably wouldn't attract much business).

Dabbled in hand to hand and marital arts.
Associated himself with a few BTDT indivduals, who were flattered by the attention (and donations, i.e. a Zodiac boat).

But stick a pin in his inflated ego and in his inflated claims ....... the pssssting sound is Giduck deflating.