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Originally Posted by FMedic View Post
From the Washington Monthly article I posted earlier..."John Giduck was a practicing lawyer in the 1980s. Then, he says, during the late Gorbachev era, the American Bar Foundation dispatched him to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), where he met the head of the KGB for Leningrad. ("Putin's boss," he says.) They became fast friends, and Giduck began traveling frequently to Russia. He claims to have trained with multiple Russian special forces units, and to be certified by the "Vityaz Special Forces Anti-Terror School."

From Bails response letter thats been posted here...."he explained that
years before he had known the former director of the KGB for the St. Petersburg region while working on his master’s degree at the university there. You see, the wife of that man — KGB Lt. Gen. and Director Anatoli Kurkov — was one of the professors in charge of the foreign students.Through her, John met Gen. Kurkov. This is something that John typically does not talk about in public or during trainings, unless specifically asked. John was interested in learning Russian SAMBO and asked Kurkov, with whom he had developed a personal and professional relationship, if he could help him find instruction. From his early training by Russian spetsnaz
instructors, ......
She's called a "spotter" and I wouldn't talk about it much either
A spotter keeps an eye out for foreigners of interest who may prove useful and the person is then developed for possible recruitment down the road.
Colleges and universities that host foreign students are a lucrative venue.
I'm bothered by this.
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