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On the Archangel site there is a page for his book. The quoted comments include this one (not attributed) that claims he's been in special forces. He put the quote there, therefore wouldn't that be attributable to him/his staff?

here is the quote:
"This is the story of an event almost too horrible to imagine. John Giduck has the credentials to write this book - he is not only a former Special forces soldier and expert on Russian history and culture, but he was on the ground in Beslan within hours of the assault. His book describes in great detail everything from the terrorist plan to the aftermath. Perhaps most valuable are the sections devoted to the minute by minute review of the assault. It is a story of great herrorism, bureaucratic ineptitude, and utmost savagery. Anyone in law enforcement will draw many lessons from this book. And we need to study this event in detail...there is nothing about Beslan that could not happen in any town or city in our country. That should give us pause."