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ETA: This expands on MixedLoad's comments here:

John Giduck, who is a direct descendant of Cossack warriors and a hall of fame member in the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts.
As for Giduck being a member of the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts hall of fame, there is some evidence that Mr. giduck either owns, has some ownership or otherwise controls that "federation".

He does not know John Giduck was involved in Russian Martial Arts for much longer than he (John was on the first, second, and third trips to Russia over the last five years.). At one time, John invoked the name and aid of Vlad and Oleg Taktarov to establish the World Federation of Russian Martial Art. About two years ago, Vlad and John parted company. The Federation is now John's entity completely.

If true, then..well...I think that any reasonable person might conclude that Mr. Giduck's martial arts qualifications could be considered questionable.
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