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Unethical behavior??? Who could have guessed.

Back in 1994...

Ardor in the court: This month's sexual harassment suit against cowboy-booted lawyer Phil Lowery put that dull stuff in L.A. to shame. One of the most delicious moments came when a former lawyer with Lowery's firm, John Giduck, accused one of the plaintiffs of "unprofessional" behavior. Veteran court-watchers may recall that Giduck himself exercised some questionable legal judgment when he jetted off to the Caribbean with then-client Donna Yaklich, the grieving widow who was later convicted of killing her husband, undercover cop Dennis. Donna's currently doing time.
ETA: looks like Ms. Yaklich mentioned her voyage to Jamaica with Mr. Giduck in the Snapped episode dedicated to the murder that she had committed. The transcript is available here. Anybody has this show on DVD?
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